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Mobile Warsaw
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Kawiarnia Crux

Hoża 51, 00-681 · Warszawa

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Upstairs! Look for Mobile Warsaw signs!

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What we'll do

We're more than happy to invite you to May Mobile Warsaw meetup!


Antonina Tkachuk

Android Support Library

Long time ago we had support library v4, and nothing else. Today there are nearly 20(!) libraries, all with a different purpose, some - GUI related (palette, design), and some - not really (annotations, multidex). What I would like to show you, is the usage of a few such libraries, followed by tips, as well as some prognosis for the future.

Łukasz Mróz

Flexible networking in Swift

Real life is a frustrating place for networking. Let's say that you are on a plane, without WiFi (sic!), and you still want to work on a task that requires API responses. Or your API is working 30% of the time, and the deadline is really close. Or your API needs auth token only in few places, but once in a header and once in a body. How shall we approach these scenarios? Let's find out!


Eager to give a talk or a flash talk? Please let us know! Write at [masked] ([masked])

As always, there'll be free beverages and lots of fellow developers to enjoy them with!


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