Full day javascript workshops (for all levels)

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MusesCodeJS Sydney
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What we'll do

RSVP here: https://forms.gle/AAwpFsRdXhp8GhD36

We use meetup not for registration but for announcement of big events.

Our full day coding bootcamp is a great place to learn the basics of programming (javascript programming language) for those who never tried programming before or learn more on javascript for more advanced attendees. This event is also good for those who want to grow their network and meet new people with similar interests.


What to bring with you:

- laptop (if you do not have laptop contact the organizers - we will arrange something for you)
- charger
- desire to learn
- good mood



9:45A.M - 10:00A.M Registration
10:00A.M - 10:30A.M Intro + Group formation
10:30A.M - 12:30P.M Coding workshop with the help of mentors
12:30P.M - 1:30P.M Lunch (healthy options provided)
1:00P.M - 1:30P.M Our Guest Presentation
1:30P.M - 3:30P.M Coding workshop with the help of mentors
3:30P.M - 4:00P.M Tea and sweets, wrap up, next steps

The format of the event is a self-guided coding with instructions + intro explanations and help of mentors when required. This time we will have 3 workshops.

On the day attendees will work on workshop of their choice:

1. Introduction to JavaScript - complete beginners level - workshop that will introduce you to coding and JavaScript (popular programming language) syntax. The format will be code-alone with the explanations in the tasks and help of our mentors.

2. Introduction to Typescript, facilitated by Leo Caseiro from CBA. Requires understanding of JavaScript.

3. Introduction to three.js and animations, facilitated by Linna Liu from Home Care Heroes. Requires understanding of JavaScript.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask them here or write to organizator directly.



If you would like to mentor with us on javascript register here and we'll contact you for more information: