An Opinionated Guide to Cloud-Native Product Development for Startups

What we'll do

Hey folks! This month we'll have Ryan Green back to offer his thoughts on how startups should approach cloud-native development. Ryan was previously an engineer at AWS and is now an independent consultant helping startups and other clients make the most of AWS.

"Cloud services give development teams an insanely powerful toolset for building products. However, for startup teams with limited resources and competing priorities, organizing products and teams around “cloud-native” architectures can be very easy to get wrong.

Modern distributed architectures can feel like disparate systems duct-taped together in weird and wonderful ways and can be hard to learn, reason about, and operate. Oddly, oftentimes cloud providers make it difficult for their customers to follow the best-practices that they themselves enforce.

Drawing on my experience at AWS and consulting with local startups, this talk will be full of hot-takes for small teams looking to leverage the cloud effectively under the unique constraints of a startup environment."