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Explicit & Implicit Biases: How We Value Others - TEDTalk Discussion & Workshop!

Tuesday, September 17th from 6-8:15pm! Prof. Jerry Kang's TEDTalk "Immaculate Perception" - https://youtu.be/9VGbwNI6Ssk A Pragmatic Deep Dive on How We Initially Value Others - a Multi-Meetup Professional & Personal Development Workshop In his TEDTalk, Professor Jerry Kang states "We thought we were blessed with immaculate perception, but it turns out we're infected with implicit bias." Join us on Tuesday as we elevate the awareness of our implicit and explicit biases, and see the connection with our quality of life! After the communal TED viewing, we'll explore how we label and/or discriminate in subtle ways, and the short and long-term ramifications of doing so. All will be provided biases tests that you'll be welcome to take home with you. No one is expected to share their results or past experiences; rather the tests and the whole evening will serve as a personal checkpoint in how you associate with all groups. We'll then convene in thought-provoking breakout circles, and close with each circle presenting the gems from their discussions in a large harvest format. Buffet dinner social directly after our event! Note: No proselytizing in any shape or form will be accepted in this and other workshops we hold. Where there are differences in opinion, please respect. Location: WeWork Queens Plaza,[masked]th Street, 13th Floor, Long Island City, NY 1101 The event will span the entire 6-8:15pm time allotted to us by our gracious venue, WeWork, and will go like this: 5:45-6:15pm: Check-in, grab a seat, and greet your neighbors 6:15-6:30pm: Jerry Kang's TEDTalk on big screen 6:30-7:55pm: TEDTalk discussion, reflective exercises, workshopping as large circle and in smaller circles 7:55-8:15pm: Closing take-aways and shares before heading out for dinner social 8:15pm: Off to dinner! Depending on group size and preferences, we'll keep the warm energy going at either Olives Organic Market or Bridge Gourmet. Both a few minute walk away, and buffet markets with plenty of quick dinner/snack options. Look forward to meeting, and seeing everybody soon!!! :-)

Integrating Transformation: Making Shit Happen When Inspiration Fades - Online

THIS IS AN ONLINE EVENT Do you leave experiences like festivals, Burning Man, travel, or outdoor adventure feeling inspired and energized only to return to the 'real world' feeling alone, without a plan to take inspired action, and unsure how to bring back everything you’ve learned? In this workshop, Make Shit Happen coach Courtney Loechl will show you how to dive in with intention, find ease through action, and progress your goals forward so you can more fully use any transformation experience to impact your life or business. You’ll be guided to: Embrace post-event decompression while intentionally moving forward Gain clarity on your experience and how to embody the lessons learned Create a plan to integrate changes and truly make them stick And more! This workshop is perfect for burners, adventurers, yogis, travelers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and others who find themselves drawn to transformational experiences yet frustrated with the lack of change upon returning home. If you’re ready for true integration and expansion in both your life and business, this workshop is for you! About Guest Speaker: Courtney Loechl is a Make Shit Happen coach, hostel management consultant, adventurous festie/burner, and avid world traveler. With a focus on consistent, tangible steps paired with the right mindset, she guides her clients to transform overwhelm into action in order to grow their businesses and achieve major goals. After years of living around the world- teaching English to child monks in Thailand, guiding whitewater rafting in Swaziland, hitchhiking through New Zealand, managing a hostel in San Francisco, and much more- she made it her mission to help others follow their dreams instead of just talk about it. She’s passionate about festivals, Burning Man, and transformation experiences of all kinds. Courtney lives with her wife Candice in a '79 Dodge camper van they renovated into their tiny home, with plans to next convert a full sized school bus into a mobile hostel called The Wanderbus. Admission is complimentary, donations are always accepted. Please RSVP for zoom link as this is a virtual event.

Friendly Feud - Survey Says... Don't Miss This Meetup!

The Bryant Park Lounge (Residence Inn Marriott - Times Square)

*PRE-PAYMENT REQUIRED - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/friendly-feud/dates/ SURVEY SAYS... Do you love the game show Family Feud?! Come out and experience our outrageous friendly twist based on this awesome game show! How Does It Work? The full rules will be explained at the event, however here are a few details. We will have 4-6 teams, with approx 5 people per team. Work with your teammates to come up with the number 1 answer for the survey question. If your team gets the high score for the round, you each win a raffle ticket for a chance to win some fun prizes. We will have several questions and several rounds of play. Coming Alone? No problem! Part of the fun is meeting new people. We will put you on a team with other Family Feud fans. This is a great way to expand your social circle! Please note: There is a 1-drink minimum purchase at this venue. You can also purchase a non-alcoholic beverage or a food item instead. RSVPing alone will not get you into this event. You must also purchase in advance (NOT able to pay at door). This is non-age specific event. All are welcome 21+. Multiple Meetup groups are co-organizing this event so don't just go by the RSVPs you see here. We'll have up to 30 members attending. *PURCHASE HERE - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/friendly-feud/dates/ *$15-$20 (price goes up as event gets closer) *Special - 2 tix for $25. Use discount code "5" at checkout (must buy 2 for discount)

After Work Murder Mystery Party: Everyone Is A Suspect!

The Playwright Irish Pub

*PURCHASE AT - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/murder-mystery-party/dates/ (*PREPAY ONLY EVENT) Our Murder Mystery Parties have become an awesome alternative to the usual "after work happy hour" scene. It is a great way to go out on your own with friends or on your own and meet other fun people in a super organized and interesting way! Join us for this fun Murder Mystery Theme Party where everyone at the party is a suspect and you will help to find the killer!! Everyone at our party will have a character to play, no experience necessary and it is so much fun! Pre-Mingle starts at 6:30. We will start to put together teams at 7pm. Everyone will be given a character sheet explaining who they are and who they fit into the story. The Theme: Your presence is requested at Mystery Manor for an evening filled with murder and mystery in order to commemorate the death of the late millionaire, Rick A. Rochester. Among Rick's dying wishes, he wanted his will reading to be a party thrown in his honor to gather together those most important in his life. From his eccentric ex-wife to his interfering in-laws, his spying servants to the provocative pool boy, it seems that everyone has a shot at a piece of his estate. As one of Rick's closest confidants or family members, it is your help that is needed to piece together the mystifying death of Mr. Rochester and to avoid being the victim of yet another murder as you attend his will reading. Use caution in considering your involvement in this gathering, for as likely as it is that you will walk away with a great deal of inheritance, you are also just as likely not to walk out at all. FAQs: Can I come alone? Yes 90% of those attending will likely register on their own but you are invited to bring as many guests as you would like just register for that amount. Age-specific? All are welcome 21 and over. *PURCHASE TICKET AT - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/murder-mystery-party/dates/ *$20-$30 depending upon how early you purchase. NOT sold at door. Game limited to 40 people and we have less than 20 tickets left!

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