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Filmmakers! From Concept to treatment to script to production to distribution deal. Let's get together and discuss it all! This meetup is for filmmakers to meet and discuss the creative side AND the business side of filmmaking. WRITERS with a script, meet filmmakers who may want to develop your film. FILMMAKERS, let's brainstorm and compare notes about distribution. DP's and DSLR shooters, let's talk about casting, directing, about web series, and about self-distribution.

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NYC Creative and Business Professionals


New York City is a big city with so many great people to network with. But how valuable is it to be in a city with great networking opportunities if you don't get out and network. An RSVP on Meetup does not count as an RSVP. Please buy your ticket here https://bit.ly/2YM6hBT This is a multi-meetup event that is a collaboration with over 50 other meetups and is targeted for after work crowd serving the startup and creative professionals of NYC. Please bring your business cards!

Content Creators and Entrepreneurs Networking

New York has so many innovators and content creators in digital media. Yet, so much more can happen if the community is closer and when one can find those who can advance the fields. Note: Must complete RSVP here https://bit.ly/2KpnUlG an RSVP on Meetup does not count as actual RSVP This event is designed to help foster serious ways of connecting to the right people without the need for small talk. We will be playing a special card game that is specifically designed for networking where everyone is provided ice breakers designed to skip the small talk and truly understand attendees on a deeper level. Main Benefits include: - Meet many people in a short period of time. - Everyone is given icebreakers that skip the small talk and not only meeting new people, it's about connecting! - It's a fun way to connect and meet serious connections. Attendee Participation includes content creators related but not limited to: • Advertising And Marketing • Art Directors • Content Creators • Entrepreneurs • Film, Media And Broadcast • Finance And Investment • Human Resources & Recruiting • Photo (example: Photographers, Instagram influencers,) • Video (example: Filmmakers, Vloggers, YouTubers• Writing (example: Journalist, Bloggers, copywriters) • Writing (example: Journalist, Bloggers, copywriters)

NYC Halloween Networking Party for Creative and Business Professionals

NYC Creative and Business Professionals is having a special professional networking night in honor of Halloween. You are welcome to come in a costume but not required. 60 people are expected to attend. This is primarily a social event for creative and business professionals. Based on the idea of mingling like a singles event except for those seeking work and those seeking to hire. If you are a company hiring part-time, full time, or contract and would like to sponsor please email Paul at [masked]. This is a multi-meetup group and an average of 60 people attend these monthly networking events.

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Content Creators and Entrepreneurs Networking

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