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Universal Qigong Class
The group classes are suitable for all ages and lifestyles, beginners are welcome to any class ! Join us on Wednesday evening at Bull Creek Community Centre with Universal Qigong's Master Alex Lim. Each class consists of the following segments: - Relaxing the body and focusing on breath - Warming up the joints and ligaments - Soft and hard dynamic qigong exercises - Loosening and stretching - Static mediation exercises - Occasional esoteric qigong exercises Usually, the classes run for 2 hours, making each class a complete workshop in itself! All classes are conducted indoors in windproof, warm and secure environment. Dress in loose, comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat with you. In case you do not have a yoga mat, there are free yoga mats that you can lend until you get a yoga mat.

Waylen Bay Scout Hall

1 The Strand · Applecross

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This group is for anyone who is interested in natural healing through medicinal herbs, plants, Qi, Eastern medicine and philosophy. People have been using plants for healing since the beginning of civilisation. Our ancestors cultivated reciprocal relationships with plants, and so discovered that plants could be used for healing ourselves - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In this group we will explore and share ideas around herbalism, Chinese Medicine, Qi/Energetic exercises and making remedies and amulets (and more) using plants and the universal force of Qi to explore natural consciousness, mindfulness and more. Meetups will vary according to peoples interests and needs, but I hope to include discussion over herbal tea/coffee, discussion of books and related topics, healing practicums, guided meditations, learning forums, networking with like-minded others and purely social/community gatherings.

We hope to meet with you soon :-)

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