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The Newcastle Gnosis Centre is a not for profit organization dedicated to teaching Gnostic wisdom. Gnosis is a greek word meaning knowledge. But it is a knowledge that goes much deeper than what you can learn in books, or what someone can tell you. Gnosis goes far beyond the intellectual study of spiritual principles or the mere belief in them. Instead, it seeks to verify those principles through experience. The experience of Gnosis is a mystical insight that occurs within the consciousness of the individual. It is, therefore, beyond the mind. Gnosis is a knowledge attained through the intuitive apprehension of spiritual truth. Gnosis is not a religion. It is not a product of time or place, culture or personality. It is the golden thread which leads us back to our own individual divinity. Gnosis extracts the essential wisdom from all great spiritual traditions in order to provide a practical path that leads us to freedom from suffering. All great religions, all the great sages and saints, have addressed the difficult reality of human suffering. Any legitimate spiritual teaching is intended to provide a pathway out of suffering to a state of liberation. But the difference between a truly liberating spiritual path and a path based in unverified belief lies in the individual's internal experience. In an age when we are taught by society to seek external gratification as a source of happiness, it is difficult to comprehend that true happiness lies within. Only by awakening to our reality as an essence – a divine spark – of divinity, can we begin to release ourselves from the captivity of our egoical nature. Gnosis offers practical keys, combined with meditation practice, which allow us to experience liberation in our day-to-day life. Whether we are sleeping or eating, walking or talking, our potential in every moment is the same: we can awaken to a higher reality. This awakening becomes possible when we perceive all of life's situations – good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, easy or difficult – as a part of the whole, the changing manifestation of an unchangeable reality. And by awakening we comprehend our predicament: we are a spiritual being who has forgotten its true nature. Our task, then, is to remember, to wake up, to re-unite with that within us which is truly divine. This is the synthesis of the Gnostic teachings as taught by Samael Aun Weor.

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