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Intersekt Festival NAB SME HACKATHON Information Session

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Alan T. and Sahand B.


As part of the Intersekt Festival ( we'll be hosting the NAB SME Hackathon (

This will be your opportunity to build an amazing product over the course of a weekend that could be the basis of your next big IDEA.

Information Session

To help all those interested in the participating in the hackathon we're running an information session with NAB to give you the low down on (i) the APIs you'll be using and (ii) the challenges you'll be hacking on.

About The Hackathon

We'll be hacking on ideas that are aimed at helping SMEs get on with what they want to be doing - building their business.

On the day, you'll have sandbox access to NABs APIs which include; Accounts details, transactions, payments, and many (see below). NAB also encourages the use of other 3rd party APIs.

Further API Details:

Accounts: List of customer accounts and details

Balance: Balance information for a specific customer account

Transactions: Transactions for a specific customer account

Payments: Create, request, update, delete, send

Customer: Profile, Location, KYC

Financial Data: Historical prices for managed funds

Locations: NAB branches and ATMs

FX: Rates

Health: Demographics, list of practitioners, practitioner information

The challenges for the event will be:

Challenge 1:

Small and medium enterprises want to simplify everyday administrative tasks to save time so they can focus on running their businesses.

How can you use APIs from Australia’s largest business bank, NAB, and other 3rd parties to help?

Challenge 2:

Small and medium enterprises are looking to grow their businesses by accessing new customer segments or markets.

How can you use APIs from Australia’s largest business bank, NAB, and other 3rd parties to help?

One Last Thing...

Make sure you register now ( for the event and don't forget to use the discount code WeekendHack to receive a discount on your entry fee. Make sure you get in before the end of the weekend to take advantage of the discount.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to contact

1/459 Little Collins St · Melbourne
77 spots left