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Non-duality Meeting: the body in nondual inquiry
Most of us see ourselves as a separate individual enclosed in a body. In this materialist view, consciousness is a byproduct of our material bodies. But is this really the case, and does this model match our experience? Join us to meditate, inquire, discuss, have tea. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT: the digicode at the door is 2016. You will need it to access the building. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The meeting will last 2 hours and 30 minutes, including a break. A selection of teas and biscuits will be provided. Suggested donation: $10 The total cost of this meeting is 85 dollars. This includes renting the room (55 dollars) and Meetup costs (around $30 per meeting). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on Facebook:

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What is non-duality ?

Non-duality is the experiential realisation that there is no fundamental separation between anything. It questions our basic assumption that we are a separate person, a body and mind (a subject), who has to negotiate with an external world (objects) to find peace and happiness. This opens us to the possibility that the love, happiness and freedom we are looking for in various objects (like relationships or work) is in fact already at the heart of our experience.

Teachers/speakers/writers of non-duality include (and are not limited to) Ramana Maharshi, Atmananda Krishna Menon, Nisagardatta Maharaj, Wei Wu Wei, Jean Klein, Francis Lucille, Rupert Spira, Greg Goode, Bob Adamson...

What is this group about, and who can join it?

This group is open to everyone interested in discovering what non-duality is, and to those who are already familiar with it. The group will provide a space to explore the possibility that our experience is already non-dual. The meetings should be open, honest and friendly. There is no teacher or guru, only friends who want to share in truth. The only requirement is an interest in the topic and an open mind.

Non-dual inquiry is not a search for a possible enlightenment in the future, but an exploration of what is here and now. Rather than gaining new knowledge or improving one's experience, the group's objective is to explore the nature of ourselves, others, our body, our mind, space, time, physicality and many other aspects of our experience. The group is non-dogmatic and not associated to one particular teacher, although we all have our preferences. Additionally, non-duality is not a self-help method, or a way to resolve psychological problems, although this might happen as a byproduct of the search.

How do the meetings work?

The meetings start with a short presentation about a teacher or aspect of non-dual teachings. they often include experiments and go on to a discussion that will give many occasions to explore our experience, in order to challenge the assumptions of the common dualistic view. Realising that separation is not supported by the facts of our experience leaves us open to seeing what we truly are, and have always been.

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