Salsa & Bachata Beginners Dance Term

What we'll do

New BEGINNERS Salsa & Bachata Term @ Northgate Hall
The new Social Thing!

Life has never gotten more Exciting and Fun! :P
Have you ever wanted to try dance but have never gotten around to doing it?
Would you like to add some spice to your life and relationship?
Would you like to meet new like-minded friends?
How about challenge yourself so you can look back and be proud that you’ve tried something new and different?

Whatever your goal is, it unites us under one roof to dance, laugh, learn and importantly HAVE FUN!

Salsa & Bachata are one of the most popular Latin dance styles heating up the social dance floor all over the World.
“I love these dance styles because no matter where you are from in the World, if you know the basic steps you can dance with anyone from anywhere”

Dancing is the most beneficial activity for your HEALTH as it holistically uses and incorporates the mind, body and spirit. Dancing moves Qi (which is vital energy), around the body, circulating blood to all the cells, unblocking stagnant energy which is the root cause of stress and health conditions.

Dance allows you to FEEL GOOD and BE FREE.

Everyone is Welcome!
No dance experience necessary
We encourage you to bring along your partner or friends to get an even number of men/women (however it is not necessary, we dance on a rotation basis so everyone gets a turn)
Bring a BIG smile and a Winning attitude!

Wear comfy clothes that EXPRESSES YOU and that you FEEL GREAT in!
Ladies if you have Latin heels, please wear them otherwise you can wear comfy heels or shoes. Gentlemen wear comfy shoes that don't have too much grip for turning purposes.

***** Please RSVP by clicking attending on event page *****

If you have any questions please feel free to send us a message:
Email: [masked]

We look forward to meeting you!