Fail Fast & Be Fine!

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Your startup journey can be an intensely rewarding, albeit emotionally demanding adventure. A crucial but often inadequately explored element of the start-up journey is failure. With start-up failure rates often cited above 80%, failure is a key experience from which founders should draw important and valuable lessons to bring them closer to success.

On this night, we explore how to analyse and best capitalise on the lessons of past mistakes, whilst also focussing on dealing with the very real emotional burdens of venturing into your startup journey.

Moderated by:


Charlie Wood (

General Partner at IAG Firemark Ventures

Charlie is a 20+ year veteran of the technology industry covering business leadership, VC investing, strategic consulting, marketing and product management. He has built two different startups and mentored many more through fund raising, product market fit and scalable go to market activity.


Phil Tran (

Founder of Tayble & Lazie Suzie

Phil is an experienced founder of startups, and has much to share in the area of entrepreneurship. Having not only started a number of businesses himself, he has also been a part of the UNSW Founders Coaching program, which is designed with founders in mind, by applying realistic framework around real-life startup experience. Some of the startups he has had an active part in building includes Lazie Suzie, Olivery, Tayble, DEALZTAP, and Bidz Direct Global.

Vincent Motte (

Managing Director at Carnac Group

Vincent has spent most of his time working for management teams to bring their strategy to life through technology. His reputation as someone who gets the job done has seen him take on game-changing projects across M&A, operations, marketing, and of course, technology and innovation. These experiences – many of which have been “in-house” including at an ASX100 company – have given him great insight into what it takes to achieve lasting change. As a director of Sydney-based consultancy Carnac Group, he's also driven to build a team filled with passionate, switched on people who are encouraged to challenge conventional thinking of what it means to be a professional.

Mark Mendel (

Founder at 99Starts

Mark founded a property company back in 2007 with $5k investment and bootstrapped it through 4 business model pivots and 2 rebrands to eventually become one of Australia’s leading market places for new property ( selling 50% to ASX listed Disruptive Investment Group in 2015 and the remainder in 2016 where they rebranded the listed entity to iBuyNew Group (ASX:IBN). He loves mentoring start-ups with a core focus on Strategy and Digital Marketing and is always thinking outside the box and looking for opportunities that are a little left field. Adding value is key.
AGENDA of the evening:

• 6:00pm: Please arrive on time to meet other entrepreneurs / startups and check out the co-working space.

• 6:45pm ish: Speaker along with Q&A.

• 8:00pm ish: Chat with the speaker(s) and other entrepreneurs

• 8:30pm ish: We try to kick you out!

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