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Silent group meditation and discussion
This is a place for you to explore your curiosity, share your ideas about, and practice meditation in great company. We're a small group that operates out of the meeting room at our local library. We came to meditation through different pathways so we don't have a group teacher, and while some of us are interested in specific styles of meditation, the group itself is non-sectarian and really more of a forum for people of different traditions to explore their own interest in meditation. WHAT WE DO: We meet for an hour every fortnight. We catch up very briefly and share a conversation about contemplative practice and/or philosophy. We then practice meditation in silence for 20 minutes. People of all skill-levels are welcome-- as long as you're comfortable with sitting in silent meditation for 20 minutes, you'll be fine. If you haven't had much experience meditating, you can bring your headphones and listen to a guided audio meditation. There are many apps out there, I'm happy to help you find a suitable one. Please RSVP either on this website or by contacting me directly by THURSDAY before the scheduled meetup. This is because we need specific numbers to be able to book the free meeting room at the library. If you practice a different form of meditation (e.g. chanting), I'm more than happy for you to use this forum to arrange a meetup of your own. Just send me a message. BIT ABOUT ME I practice meditation using an approach called Samatha-Vipassana elaborated by John Yates in his book, The Mind Illuminated. Samatha means calm abiding, and Vipassana means Insight. I'm not a teacher but I'm an enthusiastic student, and love exploring this terrain with likeminded friends.

Dennis Johnson Library

Cnr Stanhope Parkway & Sentry Drive · Stanhope Gardens

Respond by: 20/10/2018

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This is for anyone interested in meditation, but especially for folks in Norwest and Western Sydney looking to connect with like-minded locals. All skill- and interest-levels welcome. No visible meditation community in this area so would be great to get in touch with anyone interested! :-)

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