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The focus of this meetup group is for parents who have an only child and living in Melbourne, who would like their Onlies to meet other Only Children in a positive group where both the parents and kids can have fun and make friends.

Our son is now 14, I started this group when he was 7 and he enjoyed meeting many other only children, and seeing he was not the only kid without a sibline. He has many wonderful friends, most of which have two or three siblings so we find that those families tend to socialize more with families that have the same number of kids on the weekend so that their siblings don't miss out,,, sound familiar?

We are in our late 40's and unfortunately were unable to have another child but whatever the circumstances of why any of us have an Only Child is not the issue here - the point is that we do and we cherish them and our lives together every day. We couldn't turn back time if we wanted to, so it's time to embrace the future and unite our Onlies, and us parents too.

We look forward to you joining us and helping to create a friendship group for our wonderful only children. Although the group's focus is for our ONLIES, it's also about us parents making friendships too, and if you are a business owner or professional, possibly some networking opportunities as well.

As our son is now a Teenager, he no longer feels the need to 'host' Meetups with the kids. Therefore, I will be looking at scheduling meetups for us Mums to chat about what it's like bringing up an only child, and also some business networking.

I strongly beleive in this group and will continue to pay the fees so that other families can benefit from using the group to their advantage by building a new network of friends for you and your child.

Feel free to create discussions and also to schedule your own Meetup in your area, and with specific age group to suit your child.

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