Deep Relaxation and Healing, the Path to Peace - 6 week course

What we'll do

Discover your true nature through the powerful state of BEING. You will move beyond the busy stimulating mind that runs your internal chatter and patterns your conditioned and unconscious behaviour.

In this 6 week course starting 3rd August, I will lead you through meditation practices of self-inquiry to open your heart to your true self. Discover your heart's deepest desire - something that you want more than anything else in life that instils a sense of value, purpose, and meaning. Consider how does life want to live through you?

I will bring my skills of mindfulness, yoga and meditation to blend an experience of deep relaxation to evoke healing and to access your inner BEING - a place of stillness, undisturbed by the narratives you have learnt to believe. You will find lasting peace when you set aside thinking and dissolve into awareness of Self. Are you willing to take this step?

Through the guided meditation practices you will become closer to the conscious Self. You may even change your life!

Practices include gentle mindful movement. Chairs are provided for seated meditations. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow for lying meditations.

I am offering this course as a community service.
Weekly $5 donations are welcome for the venue hire.
Bookings are essential.

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