Come along with your instruments and song books & we'll all make music together

What we'll do

PLEASE NOTE!!! We now have 2 sessions per month.
We have a learners group on the 2nd Sunday each month..this is for absolute beginners and those who are willing to teach. We have group jamming, small group lessons, depending on who shows up and stage performances if you are ready

On the last Sunday (note that some months have 5 Sundays) we begin with open Mic session..come early and get your name on the white board.
More ad-hoc open mic and finish with group jamming. This group suits the more experienced musician, although all are welcome.

We welcome everybody regardless of skill level, or instrument you play. We want to share our love of music and our talents. As the organiser, I am willing to teach what I can and even have some loan instruments available if you need one. We don't have facilities for amplification so we do ask that you bring instruments that don't need amplifiers. We welcome stringed instruments, wind instruments, percussion instruments and of course singers. This is your chance to show others what you can do, watch what others can do and to learn from each other in a non threatening environment. We remember what it is like starting out learning to play music. We've all been there and no-one knows it all. We want to see all our members share and encourage everyone to join in. We are always open to suggestions on how we can make the experience even better to that you and your friends will want to come back time and time again.
We will encourage every one to have a go both as solo performances and with others joining in.

• What to bring
Your instruments, song books singing voices and what ever you need for refreshments. We have 2 small courtyards as well as the main shed so we have room for many, so bring a friend and be prepared to join in.

• Important to know
We want to emphasise that this group is for everyone from the absolute beginner right through to the seasoned musician, and we believe that everyone has something valuable to share.