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Open Heart Meditation SOUTH Melbourne
NEW VENUE !!! South Melbourne Starting 7:30PM.... The Open Heart Meditation is a beautiful practice that can bring peace and happiness into everyday life as well support your spiritual journey. This is a drop in session, to which anyone is welcome. The evening consists of 4 parts: • Introduction to Open Heart Mediation • Heart Strengthening, How to let the heart grow stronger • Guided Open Heart Meditation • Heart Based Healing, for those who would like experience the deeper benefits of the heart. We also run regular workshops and retreats around Melbourne and across the globe. For more info, check out the Melbourne website at: Find us on Facebook: "Melbourne Open Heart Meditation & Reiki Tummo (" ( Looking forward to seeing you on Monday :) Some cushions and blankets are provided, but feel free to bring your own. Bring $5, and a smile :)

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We hold weekly Open Heart Meditations across 4 locations in Melbourne and also in the Don Valley. Our weekly meditations are in Port Melbourne, Black Rock, Carlton and Upwey. Upwey has it's own Meetup, which can be found at: ...; There are also regular workshops held in various locations around Melbourne, more info can be found at our main website: (

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Open Heart Meditation is different to other meditation techniques because it is about strengthening the spiritual heart (centre of feelings) to connect with the True Source of Love and Light so we are able to let go of any kind of negative emotions which have caused us stress or problems within our spiritual heart.

By doing Open Heart Meditation we can feel the Love and Light radiate from our spiritual heart naturally and freely. As we repeat the Open Heart Meditation regularly the quality of our heart improves and the nice feelings from our heart develops and grows. As our heart opens and strengthens we feel healthier and happier in our daily life, and enjoy sharing this Love with others.

Practiced by thousands of people around the world, Open Heart Meditation reminds us that the peace, calmness and happiness we so long for can be found within us. In this beautiful guided meditation, we can feel Love and Light pour into our spiritual heart so that it can cleanse, open and strengthen our heart and radiate freely from our heart.

With practice, as our heart becomes stronger, we become more peaceful, joyful and able to follow our heart's own inner guidance to be happier in our daily life.

This Melbourne based Meetup group is part of a global non-profit organization (Padmacahaya International Institute for Inner Study) created for the purpose of educating and supporting individuals to realize and benefit from the experience that living a heart centered life is the key to being healthier, happier and to grow spiritually. You can find out more about events in Melbourne at

We are also on Facebook under: "Melbourne Open Heart Meditation & Reiki Tummo" (


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