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'Our Gal's Group: Fun and Friendship' is about meeting wonderful, like-minded ladies that you can develop long-term friendships with.

As we get busy going about life, we tend to let some of our friendships slip away... But why not create amazing new friendships?!

Whether it's coffee catchups, dinners, movies, ladies nights out, winery tours, beach trips, bowling, gallery tours, local festivals and events etc, our aim is to have a great time while hanging out with wonderful, happy-go-lucky ladies!

This meetup is not like other meetups. It's about making genuine and lasting connections and friendships between LADIES of all ages and all backgrounds. It's about embracing life in a fun, safe environment where you can be yourself.

Tips for getting the most out of 'Our Gal's Group' (and making friends):

• BE ACTIVE! The more events you go to and the more frequently you see the same ladies, the more chance you’ll have of making a genuine connection!

• BE RESPECTFUL! Be polite, inquisitive (but not prying) and let everyone have a chance to contribute to the conversation. Treat others as you wish to be treated!

• BE RELIABLE! Show up on time, don’t leave ladies waiting and wondering if you are going to show up or stand the group up! Message the group if you’re running late and we can let you know where we are when you arrive. If you RSVP to an event – show up! No-one likes being stood-up! If you can’t attend, try to give at least 24 hours’ notice – just like you would with family or friends.

• BE PROACTIVE! If you have suggestions for events or would like to try hosting, let the Leadership Team know. This group is about fostering a community of connected women!

• BE YOURSELF! Recognise that you are wonderfully unique and have something to contribute to the group. Variety is the spice of life! So let go and have a laugh! Show enthusiasm! Be brave and include a profile photo so ladies can get to know your name.

• BE SUPPORTIVE! If you have a wonderful time at an event, let the host and the group know by posting a message on the event page. Share your photos! Encourage positivity and watch how friendships grow!

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