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We are passionate bush walkers who are inspired by forests, mountains, coastlines and the fun of exploring them on foot.

We love the distinctive smell of eucalypts towering above; rising to a golden dawn; a meditative sweaty climb to a grand view; pitching a tent at an idyllic campsite; enjoying a campfire after a tiring day; banter with fellow walkers with whom you have shared the day's toil - these are the reasons we love to go bushwalking. To find our plants, flowers and native herbs; our own special animals; the quest to achieve and maintain healthy, fit bodies that were meant to walk across the land, wade the creeks, under the moon and the sun: this is the kaleidoscope that drives our passion.

You can add your unique dimension to our joy. Walk with us, give us ideas for walks. Enjoy your life to the hilt.

We encourage beginners and can provide advice to help you enjoy day, weekend and expedition walks.

To give everyone a great Meetup experience, remember the golden rule of Meetup once you RSVP:

"Always update your RSVP to tell us if you're NOT coming"

If you do RSVP to an event then we do expect you to attend. If you can’t make it then please try to update your RSVP status as early as possible and certainly prior to the deadline as this will enable those on the wait list to get a place.


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