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Energy, Art, Transcendence. (EAT!) and CRE8'OM'mmm
Coming up to that time again!! Feasting Friday or thriving Thursday- depending on where you live. Friday 10am AWST, 1PM AEDT Sydney, 12PM Brisbane, 3am BST London, AND Thursday evenings for others 7pm PDT, 9PM CDT..... Let’s talk light and dark, expansion contraction! Here is where we will be live Fridays will now be a time to keep your creative energy flowing. (Thursdays for those across the pond). A smorgasbord of art, creative visioning, inspiration, woven with energetics for self empowerment and wrapped up for desert will be plenty of Q&A. In fact we can just have desert, if we choose!! mmm mmm Can you See the great banquet table where we can make, move, dream and be evocature of the soul. Bring your plate and help fill it with what your heart desires. Come and share your visions, play, create and share! Absorb, eat from this banquet, and discuss what you are working on, with or what you are wanting to start. Energy, Art, Transcendence. Oh EAT! ha ha ha, and CRE8'OM'mmm mmm ***Note: We'll be meeting on my Facebook business page LIVE (different to the private group pages), so here's what to do to join the feast... 1- Click here and like my page (it then allows you access). 2- Come with whatever CREATIVE project you are working on, creativity goodies you have to play with, something to sip OR CRUNCH, and questions or ponderings for Q&As. I'll be creating and or working energy as I dive into your questions. 3- If you can't make it, No Worries. You can watch it afterwards from the Rhombus page. I hope this tempts your appetite! Look forward to seeing you Friday 10am AWST, 1PM AEDT Sydney, 12PM Brisbane, 3am BST London, AND Thursday evenings for others 7pm PDT, 9PM CDT..... If confused msg me and I will sort you out time wise. Let's see how delicious we can make these gatherings, of around 20 minutes. See you then if not before

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Foundational Energy Medicine Self-Care Techniques to Boost the Immune System, Increase Vitality, and Improve Your Well Being. Based on the Daily Energy Routine that was designed by Donna Eden (founder of EEM- Eden Energy Medicine, and her husband, Clinical and Energy Psychologist David Feinstein, PhD. From their many years of practice, they combined the most potent techniques they knew to help the greatest number of people stimulate each of the vital energy systems of the body and bring them into harmony and balance. This workshop looks at the foundational concepts of the relationship between energy and the body via hands on experience, methods for identifying and assessing these energies and a collection of balancing techniques to promote well being and reprogram the body's response to stress. The class is straight forward, and full of information to help you take better care of yourself and help others do the same. We will cover many of the key topics from Donna Eden's award winning book Energy Medicine. We cover the basics plus many topics that are important for self care and healing. A quick daily energy routine is taught that will have your energies humming, plus ways to feel more grounded and centred. We explore ways to balance and work with two key meridians- Triple Warmer and Spleen and additional techniques for mastering stress. No experience necessary !!! Facilitator. Cynthia Harrison: Social Worker, Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, ITA (Integrated Therapeutic Alignment) teacher and practitioner, Kinesiologist, and Visual Artist.

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