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Have you been diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and/or have been told to follow a low FODMAP diet? Are you interested in learning how to soothe those often nasty symptoms of IBS, IBD, Crohn's or any other digestive disorders. Then this meetup group is for you. This diet can be complex and confusing. Let's meetup and have lunch and support each other without feeling you are the odd one out.

I am a qualified nutritionist and live with IBS myself. I will also run workshops that will connect you with other people going through similar struggles and teach you what the low FODMAP diet is and how to create interesting and tasty meals without getting sick. Low FODMAP workshops will show you how you can create easy, delicious foods that: are tasty, will improve your health, improve your quality of life and 100% natural. These workshops are ideal for those who are interested who suffer from IBS and other intolerances such as fructose, gluten and lactose.. will cook you a 3 course meal that is quick, easy, tasty and low FODMAP, making sure you are getting all the required food groups essential for health. A 2 hour session and will include: - what low fodmap is and isn't - who may benefit from following it and why, and get rid of some of the confusion. - I'll give you tips, recipes, resources etc. - I'll teach you how to adapt some of your favourite recipes and foods to tasty low fodmap versions.

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