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Dating 101. Find out how to up your dating game to get the results that you want
Guys, - Are you sick of being rejected, judged and embarrassed? - Are you struggling to find a partner even though you're a nice guy? - Do you struggle with keeping a conversation going? Ladies, - Have you had enough of only being approached by drunk guys? - Do you find that guys only seem to want one thing? - Do you struggle to find a decent guy when you are a good catch? Guys, - Does it seem that the women you talk to are only interested in your earnings? - Does every woman you talk to seem to be willing to attack everything? - Have you been hurt before and want to avoid it happening again? Ladies, - Are you sick of waiting hours for a guy to approach and he doesn't? - Had enough of swiping right and left, dating agencies and all the rest? - Do you not want to invest all your efforts again into a relationship going nowhere? If you have answered yes to any of these questions and you want things to be different, then you will want to be at our Dating 101 talk. We will take you through; - Learning the five stages of relationships and where people go wrong - A system that shows you how to “Pre-Date” people and “Qualify” them to date you so you only go on dates that are worthwhile - Finding out how to make dates worthwhile and best of all, have a second date with someone - Building the foundation for a high quality relationship from the moment that you meet them. - Finding out how to approach people regardless of you being a woman or a man who is shy, or being socially awkward or just plain terrified. You can find out how to make it work for you. - Discovering an opportunity to take your dating and relationships to the next level. Join us at a relaxed and semi-formal talk about all of this and more. You don't need to bring anything other than a willingness to learn some new information, how to apply it and make your results better than before. See you there

The Bird

181 William Street · Northbridge

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What we're about

Are you over the age of thirty?

Are you single?

Are you 'looking' but 'not looking' at the same time?

Do you want to just get used to talking to people who are just like you?

Would you like a place where you can meet other singles without any pressure?

You may want to keep reading then...

Now, Perth Singles Meeting Singles is NOT a match-making service. We do NOT try to organise relationships. This is NOT a group for desperate singles. What we DO do, is organise events for respectful, mature adults to meet and interact. During these events, if you meet someone where there is a mutual attraction and you both want to take it further, that's great. If there is not a mutual attraction, you allow each other to continue to be friendly and sociable.

We are open to anyone over the age of thirty, so as long as you would describe yourself as mature, only one head, with a good sense of humour, and a willingness to learn about people, then feel free to join us.

Disrespect of other members will not be tolerated and if you do, by chance act disrespectfully, you will get one warning. We hope you can understand why we put this in there.

Be respectful, as we are all on a similar journey and it's easier if we all agree at the start to behave that way.

If you feel this is still a place where you can feel comfortable, have some fun, enjoy conversations, make friends and maybe meet someone, then join up and we'll see you at an event.

P.S. We are also looking for people who when they RSVP to an event, they actually turn up, so if you can do that, we'll see you there.

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