What we're about

Perth Cool ! is a connection of international like minded young people aimed at exploring interesting life in Perth and making new friends.

We all come from different cultural or national backgrounds, to study or work in Perth. Its pre-destiny that we all meet in this beautiful city, however, there are many interesting things here that are still yet for us to discover, such as It’s great foods around, beautiful environment, lots of activities and friendly people like you. We want to try all the interesting stuff here to live fully to this city, and to our own life.

No matter where you are from and what you do, if you have the same young heart of exploring Perth and make some new friends along, welcome to join us. We hope members also have the sense of respect for other members. We try to organise regular weekend brunch or dinner, in different restaurants/cafe around Perth ( sorry I admit, It's mainly about foods, kk ) . If you know of any good places to eat, please suggest us and we want to try them. We are always looking for good foods!

As for other activities, we can organise them depend on members' suggestions and the number of members that are keen to go, such as BBQ, watching Movie, outdoor cinema, go cart, ice skating, Swan Vally wine tasting/lunch and etc. We hope member will enjoy the eating and outing, have some fun and make some good friends. Check out our newly outing meet up and join us NOW!

Past Events

Woo Jeong Korean Restaurant @ city

Woo Jeong Korean Restaurant

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