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Philosophy is for those who still have the capacity for wonder and willing to ponder.

The word "philosophy" comes from the Ancient Greek φιλοσοφία (philosophia), which literally means "love of wisdom".

It used to be a commonplace that the discipline of philosophy was deeply concerned with questions about the human condition. Philosophers thought about human beings and how their minds worked. They took an interest in reason and passion, culture and innate ideas, the origins of people’s moral and religious beliefs. On this traditional conception, it wasn’t particularly important to keep philosophy clearly distinct from psychology, history, or political science. Philosophers were concerned, in a very general way, with questions about how everything fit together.

We are concerned with questions about how human beings actually happen to be.

We do not follow one particular philosopher, or school of philosophy, neither do we pretend to be academics, even though some of us are.

It is an invitation to ponder, in the largest possible perspective, the weightier, more stubborn problems of human existence.

It is an invitation to think—to wonder,ponder, to question, to speculate, to reason—in the eternal search for wisdom.

By its very nature, philosophy is a do-it-yourself enterprise. There is a common misunderstanding that philosophy—like chemistry or history—has a content to offer, a content that a teacher is to teach and a student is to learn. This is not the case. There are no facts, no theories, certainly no final truths that go by the name of “philosophy” and that one is supposed to accept and believe. Rather, philosophy is something that one learns to do.

Philosophy is learning how to ask and reask questions until meaningful answers begin to appear. It is learning how to relate materials. It is learning where to go for the most dependable, up-to-date information that might shed light on some problem. It is learning how to double-check fact/claims in order to verify or falsify them. It is learning how to reject fallacious fact-claims—no matter how prestigious the authority who holds them or how deeply one personally would like to believe them.

Ever since Socrates spent his days in the marketplace engaging the Athenian citizens in thoughtful conversations, the message of philosophy has been that ordinary, everyday thinking is inadequate for solving the important problems of life. If we are serious about finding solutions, then we need to learn to think more carefully, critically, and precisely about the issues of daily life.

This group really is about exploring topics and expanding our minds to different ways of thinking. We come together as a group of people always curious and with lots of questions, and enjoy a couple of hours on a Sunday to discuss the topics that are on the meet up page.

If you think this might be for you, we would love to see you at our meetings.

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*Events take work for organizers to coordinate, especially those requiring RSVPs. Make sure you are able to make it to an event to which you RSVP and if you anticipate a conflict or being late, give us a heads up. We understand that things come up and life interferes, but please do your best. ;)

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