Dinner @ Hotel Jesus

What we'll do

The second venue of Mamasita owners Matt Lane and Nick Peters, Hotel Jesus's kitschy interior is inspired by the traditional ’70s-style taquerias and tostaderias of Mexico. It has blue banquettes, red stools, flimsy tables, slow ceiling fans and tiles in various shades of pastel. There’s a Guadalupe on the wall, and other Catholic iconography. There’s also a quote from Lane’s favourite film, The Big Lebowski: “Nobody fucks with the Jesus”.

The vibe is casual and fast-paced, and the food INSANELY good! Think house-made tostadas, tacos, tortas and ceviche - and of course, plenty of classic Mexican beers, tequilas and cocktails on tap.

Come with a big appetite because we will be DIGGING IN at this one!

We'll be dining on the $48 per person banquet menu as we'll be a large group

NOTE: This event requires payment of $10:
- $5 will act as a holding deposit for your spot and will be returned you on the night
- $5 will go towards group costs :)