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Tuesday evening class
All aspects of Practical Tai Chi Chuan, depending on attendees. Class fees are $20 per class or $140 per month. First classes are a free taster - feel free to come along and find out.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church Hall

520 Sydney road · coburg

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Practical Tai Chi Chuan Melbourne is a Meetup group for anyone interested in Practical Tai Chi Chuan (PTCC). Other names for this style of TCC include 'Wudang' TCC and 'Wu' (although this is a bit of a misnomer). PTCC is the art as taught by Dan Docherty, the leading student of the late Grandmaster Cheng Tin Hung from Hong Kong. Cheng Tin Hung's first student in Australia was Rocky Kwong, who founded the Wu Federation group of practitioners. The lineage is the same, but there are significant differences in syllabus and techniques.
Key characteristics of PTCC: Tai Chi Chuan is an internal martial art, so there is lots of (practical) martial training; we love pushing hands, and do lots of it, including competition styles; it's a very complete style, including forms and applications with empty hands and 3 weapons; we practice an extremely potent internal "Gong" method (neigong or internal strength).
The objective of this group is to bring interested parties together, at training courses, competitions/festivals/demonstrations, and diverse social events.

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