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Shipping Product Against the Odds Using Rapid Prototyping & CD
Oleg's talk will discuss how a small team can use rapid prototyping and continuous delivery techniques to safely introduce new features to a project, experiment with existing ones, or quickly react to changing external circumstances. Based on his experience leading teams at a range of small companies contracting with big partners, he’ll explore the challenges faced by the teams in this situation, covering: * How dealing with a large partner while being a small org differs from being a part of a large organisation in this process. * Benefits of rapid prototyping and continuous delivery of experiments: *** How it helps to eliminate code rot and code drift; *** How it helps to reduce uncertainty during exploratory and/or not well understood phases of the project; *** How it helps the team to train and practice quick pivots and being able to quickly react to external changes. * Techniques to constantly deliver changes and experiment in production, while meeting customer’s and company’s SLAs and change processes: *** Feature flags; *** Canary launches; *** Incremental rollouts; *** A/B testing. You will learn how he has applied these techniques in his own projects, and how you can do the same in your work, and understand the pros of cons of taking a more fluid and rapid approach to shipping things into production all the time. Venue: City venue TBC. 5:30pm for a 6pm start. About Oleg Ivanov: Oleg is a web projects lead and hands-on CTO with over 10 years of real-life experience and a track record of numerous successful launches of production projects. He's worked in Australia and Cyprus in various fields associated with web development, from system administration to projects bootstrapping and technology management and communications. He started his career working for educational institutions and building the IT infrastructure to support educational processes, later moving on to work on intranet and B2B services. He has also worked as a freelance consultant, building different web applications and services. Fun Fact: As a hobby Oleg took part in building and shaping the biggest Russian anime fandub community at, acting as technology and community leader.

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