ProductTank: Product & Marketing - A Love Story

What we'll do

Session 1: Unifying Product and Marketing

You've worked hard to validate and develop your product. Now you need to share your product and its value to your target clients, users or customers. Easier said than done.

If you're in a startup or SME you may have to be your own Product Marketing Manager. Or if you have Marketing and Sales, they seem to talk a totally different language. How do you break down the silos between product and marketing/ sales to ensure a successful launch?

In this two-part series, we take the important next steps to getting our product to market. This session combines the key models to shape your thinking as well as the real work skills to build a successful Go-To-Market strategy.


You'll love this event if you're in the product space and you...
- Struggle to connect with their market
- Want to share their product better
- Want to better understand marketing
- Want to level up their product’s profile
- Like a hands-on approach and take-away resources


Session 1 - Aug 20th: Focuses on the common goals of product and marketing teams. We then look at how to refine and define a product for launch. We will be leveraging the Kano Model to trim and shape the product to match how your product is sold, marketed and valued.

Session 2 - Sept 17th: Focuses on practical Go-To-Market planning utilizing Value Proposition Canvas and basic marketing plan to access what tactics you should be utilizing for your product - budget or no budget.



Louise Flynn helps build SaaS scale-ups. She is a hands-on Marketing Consultant specialising in Go-To-Market and scalability for SaaS and marketplaces. Having worked with International software companies, Solarwinds and Paessler (PRTG Network Monitor) and local brands, Neto ECommerce and EventsAIR, Louise will share her practical knowledge about how to get your product to market leveraging your marketing and sales teams.

Lauren Jane recently made the transition from marketing to product. Learning to transfer skills between the two roles has given Lauren a unique perspective of seeing Go-To-Market Strategy from both the product side and the marketing side. Lauren found her love of product during her role as the Product and Marketing Manager for Fintech start-up, Tappr. Her role within the Canstar team as a Digital Specialist/ Product has allowed her to practically apply 10 years of marketing knowledge within a product development framework.