ProductTank: Workshops - Finding Your Niche & Growth Marketing

What we'll do

Join us for another fun evening of tapping into the knowledge of our peers and community. Sponsored by ThoughtWorks.

This time around Gerard Doyle will be guiding us through Finding a Niche & Growth Marketing. Gerard has a wealth of experience from both mega-corporations and startups, having founded and exited several times over.

Finding a Niche: Looking at Zipf's Law and how it relates to markets like Google. We'll also look at Google keywords tools to help people find a niche.

Growth Marketing: Zeroing in on the ICE scoring system, allowing teams to create both a niche market and a list of ranked marketing ideas.


Product Tank workshops are a collaborative community effort. Once a month we come together to develop products, extend our knowledge, and work on diverse challenges with our product peers. For each session, we line up a seasoned pro to outline the scenario and tools then workshop it out. It's a great way to learn from each other, plus it's light-hearted and fun.