• Moving Into Product Management 20 July - Paid Event

    Brainmates Pty Ltd

    Tickets available here https://brainmates.com.au/product_manager_training/moving-into-product/ Are you looking to start a Career in Product Management? One of the questions that we hear at the Product Management Community Meetups is “How do I get my first job in Product Management?” We have heard the call and have prepared this seminar to help you. Brainmates have worked collaboratively with other product management leaders to design this half-day seminar where you will get a chance to put a lot of the buzzwords and concepts into a clear Product Management context that will help prepare you for getting that first Product Management role. Seminar Goal The goals of the seminar are to help you: - Determine what type of role in Product Management is aligned with your current skills and interest. - Create an action plan for getting a suitable role in Product Management. - Understand the fundamental concepts and purpose of Product Management. - Improve your confidence applying for your first product role. Seminar Topics The seminar will cover topics including: - The different types of product jobs available in the Product Management domain - Introduction to the key building blocks that lead to successful products - The terms MVP, MMP, Product Market Fit & hypothesis mean within product - Tools that help Product Managers perform key Product Management activities - An understanding of how lean, agile & design thinking fits in Product Management - How others have gotten started in product & their pathway - An understanding where your skills align within the breadth of product Actionable steps you can take now to move into a product role What will I get? This half-day seminar includes: - Printed seminar notes - Morning tea ATTN: By RSVP'ing here on Meetup, you are NOT registered for the workshop!

  • What is Product Management? The good,bad and ugly

    What exactly is Product Management and is it really the right path for me? Come join us on July 9 for an inquisitive night of speaker sessions, panel Q&A and more importantly insights from the industrys best in the game talk about their perspective on "What is Product Management?" Our rockstars for the night 1- Phil Laufenberg - Chief Product Officer - Practera, Product Management Trainer - Brainmates Phil is a product executive and a Brainmates product management trainer with over 10 years experience in the education technology industry, especially for adult and lifelong learning. As Practera's Chief Product Officer, he advises world-leading education institutions and fortune 500 companies and creates user-centric B2B product strategies to connect work and learning through technology. 2- Paul Redfern - Product Lead, Tyro Payments Paul has over a decade of experience across product, strategy, operational and marketing roles and he is currently giving it a red-hot crack as a Product Lead at Tyro. Armed with endless amounts of energy and enthusiasm he loves working on problems of all shapes and sizes – how can we provide the best borrowing option for small to medium businesses; what’s the most effective way to articulate the product vision to the board in just 15 minutes; how can we continue building a diverse and kick-ass team culture? But product management is hard – tougher and uglier on the inside than it looks on the outside. So how do you know when you’re doing it right? How do you know if you’re ready for it? How do you know if you’re good enough? Come along to hear Paul talk about his experiences in showing up and stepping into the unknown. 3- Kate Pearce - Product Manager at Expert360 Kate started her career as a UX Developer at Constant Contact in the US. After moving to Sydney and working as a Front End Engineer at Expert360 she made the switch to Product Management just over two years ago. Kate is obsessed with customer feedback and getting her teams as close to the customer and their problems as possible. Kate's talk summary in her own words: want to talk about transitioning careers from Engineering to Product Management and how different the role has ended up being from what I originally expected. I’d like to share some lessons I’ve learned along the way, especially how bringing value to an organization doesn’t always come in the form of features delivered. Panel - 1- Francesca Jackson - Product Recruiter, Sustain digital Francesca relocated to Sydney from the UK 2 years ago and joined SustainDigital to set up the Product Management practice. Having 3 years prior recruitment experience in the UK across digital marketing. This is an exciting area that is truly growing and evolving. Product Managers play a fundamental role in the success of every business and it’s something I am very passionate about. Over the last two years I have always tried to spend time with client and to work in partnership with companies to ensure we place the right product manager because as we know product is different in every organisation we work with and so are the success metrics. SustainDigital is a recruitment company with a conscience. We believe in giving back to the community we work in! This is something I truly believe in to ensure we nurture the future talent of tomorrow as they are the rising stars of the future! Come join Nick,Paul,Kate and Francesca as we try and crack tne answer to WHAT IS PRODUCT MANAGEMENT? THE GOOD,BAD AND UGLY A huge shoutout to Expert360 for hosting the night Agenda - 5:30pm - 6pm - Networking, drinks & snacks 6pm - 7:00pm - Speakers present 7:00pm - 7:30pm - Panel discussion & Q&A 7:30pm - 8pm - More networking, drinks & snacks 8pm - Finish Bring along yourself, colleagues and any "product" inquisitive soul!

  • Strong Engineering Culture, Strong Product Culture

    Strong Engineering Culture, Strong Product Culture Another rocking event scheduled at Deputy - 1-3 Smail St, Ultimo NSW 2007, with a comprehensive discussion headed by their Product Team and the engineering team. Expect to hear honest insights from their leading engineering and product folks. A healthy relationship between product managers and engineers is critical to building meaningful products. It’s also essential in creating a team where people look forward to solving challenging problems together. With shared leadership, inclusive decision making, mutual respect, and a commitment to helping each other succeed, you can build a team that delivers results and attracts great people. We hope to provide a glimpse into how engineering and product culture works at Deputy, and give you a few concrete ways to think about the culture in your own workplace. Agenda for the night Presentation 1: How to communicate with Engineers in a language they understand (no, not Javascript)! - Julia Danylyk, Android Developer Presentation 2: How we develop PM/ Engineering relationships at Deputy *Squad specific - Ankita Mehta, PM Presentation 3: Balancing product and engineering | creating the right culture, Christoper Logan, VP of Engineering Panel discussion with live poll questions. A little insight into Deputy- Deputy - your trusted second-in-command - is a comprehensive workforce management tool for businesses. Our mission is to see every shift in the world rostered on Deputy! We are a product-led organisation, using innovative cloud-based technology, machine learning and A.I, headquartered in Australia, and growing rapidly across America, APAC and EMEA. Our rockstar speakers for the night - Christopher Logan, VP of Engineering Hi I’m Christopher Logan, a people and results focused Engineering Manager. Previously Engineering Lead at Tyro Payments. I believe in a true balance between empowering great people and achieving highly successful technical results. I believe in effective and concise communication. People who communicate well and know how to work together know what’s expected, how to go about it, who to talk to, what’s going on and where to get information. It breeds trust and belief. It supports education and constant improvement. Good communicators can learn anything and better yet, improve those around them. Ankita Mehta,Product Manager - Deputy Ankita started her career as a software engineer at Cisco Systems. Prior to joining Deputy as a product manager, she founded a startup in the early childcare space. She's extremely passionate about energising teams around solving painful customer problems. Having been an engineer previously, she believes a healthy relationship between PM and Engineering is critical to building successful products. When she's not nagging customers or stalking their every tap or click, this yogi enjoys a Byte of #ChipsAndSalsa every now and again, but coffee wasn't really her cup of tea, until she moved to Australia. Julia Danylyk, Android Developer Julia is passionate Android Developer, with more than 3 years of experience designing, building, testing and maintaining android applications for startups. She moved to Australia 2 years ago from Ukraine and now is a part of Deputy family, working in a data driven team the goal of which is to bring more customers on board and to improve user experience. Julia believes in self-education, enjoys solving complex problem and applies her knowledge to make users’ life easier. Come join us for a night of insightful honest discussion between engineering and product world Its going to be lots of fun! All are welcome!

  • Special speaker night - The #1 Blind Spot Holding You Back At Work, May 14

    For the first time, Product Women and Brainmates are hosting Cris Gladly- from United States, speaker and coach specializing in Social & Emotional Intelligence + Positive Human Connection will speak on the topic - #1 Blind spot holding us back at work. Come join us for an intimate discussion night with Cris. When conflict happens at work, are you really seeing the situation accurately? When communication breaks down, we’re quick to assume “other people” (jerks and whiners) are the root of the problem. But it turns out that really smart, strong, highly-skilled, and genuinely dedicated employees (like you) actually cause an enormous amount of conflict and disconnect in the workplace … without even realizing it. In this engaging talk, you’ll hear stories of respected people leaders and employees who (accidentally) caused drama because of a blind spot they had in recognizing their own personal emotional reactions at play. You’ll hear what happened, learn the role that Social & Emotional Intelligence played in salvaging each situation, and learn how to start identifying your own blind spots before they cause any more damage to your reputation or workplace interactions. About Cris: Cris Gladly is a speaker and coach with a passion for positive human relationships. She helps forward-thinking companies (and people leaders) increase social and emotional intelligence, humanize their interactions, and communicate and connect better. For more than 20 years, Cris has shared powerful, perspective-shifting insights and smart, actionable solutions with organizations, leaders, and teams in the tech, manufacturing, nonprofit, and higher education sectors. She also helps purpose-driven professionals speak up, stand out, and share their bright ideas with the world. Special shoutout to our new catering company - The House of Welcome catering - St Francis Social Services The House of Welcome catering social enterprise creates connections through cultural and fusion-inspired cuisine made by people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds. Product Women wholeheartedly supports House of Welcome operations. For any of you interested in looking for catering options for their next event - I highly recommend House of Welcome catering services https://www.stfrancis.org.au/house-of-welcome/catering Agenda 5:30 pm - Networking/Drinks 6:00 pm - Talks begin 6:30 pm - Q&A 7 ish talk finishes Looking forward to seeing all the Tech folks and more on May 14

  • The Vital Role of Product in Venture Capital - 101

    Microsoft Reactor

    Why should Product Managers care about why and why investment is received by a startup? Firstly, product managers are at the forefront of the product promise to users, which should offer the foundation of how a company is valued. product managers are exceptionally influential in ensuring the relatively success and traction of a product. Once investment is received, product managers need to have a voice at the table as to how that capital is used, to be of the greatest benefit for users and the product. The Australian tech scene has a rapidly growing investment landscape - from venture capital (VC) to private equity (PE). Understanding how, when and why tech startups receive investment is an important knowledge base for all product managers. Importantly, you can also learn how you can use your product direction to influence that investment! Come join your product community to learn all about product's role within capital, from two industry leaders in Australia - Jane Polak Scowcroft and Lucinda Hankin at the Microsoft Reactor Space in the Sydney Startup Hub above Wynyard Station- Level 10, 11 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Jane Polak Scowcroft : Jane Polak Scowcroft is a Venture Partner with Antler Australia, and Head of Product at Data61 | CSIRO, Australia’s foremost data science research institute. With Computer Engineering undergraduate and Psychology-based Masters, Jane also brings international experience from Canada and Silicon Valley to her role, recognising the power when deep research, science and tech is brought to market. Jane works side by side with world leader researchers and co-founders to translate their discoveries to breakthrough innovations. Lucinda Hankin: Lucie Hankin is an investor at Grok Ventures, a private investment company that backs world-class teams solving big problems to shape a better future. Grok invests long term focused, patient capital in fast growing technology-enabled businesses. Prior to joining Grok Ventures, Lucie was an investor at NAB Ventures, NAB’s corporate venture capital fund and prior to that she was working with start-ups and digital brands in London. Lucie is currently focused on backing early stage founders solving for a more sustainable future, building energy, food, fintech and moonshot technologies. In Summary - ROCKSTARS! What is Antler? Antler is a global startup generator and early-stage VC that is building the next big wave of tech. With the mission to turn exceptional individuals into great founders, Antler aims to create hundreds of companies globally over the next five years. Antler select's the world’s most brilliant and determined people, help them find the right co-founder and connect them to a top tier network of advisors and experts worldwide. Antler breaks the barriers to entrepreneurship by providing funding from day one and building strong teams from the ground up, while enabling our founders to rapidly launch and scale their ideas. The event begins at 5:30 pm with networking,drinks and snacks at Microsoft Accelerator(our wonderful hosts). Talks begin at 6:00 pm continuing till 7ish pm, with a panel discussion and Q&A from our audiences. A huge shout out to our wonderful event sponsors for the night - Microsoft Accelerator. Microsoft Accelerator space - Level 10, 11 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia A huge thanks to Microsoft Accelerator for hosting the meetup! ------------------------- Agenda ------------------------- 5:30pm - 6pm - Networking, drinks & snacks 6pm - 7:00pm - Speakers present 7:00pm - 7:30pm - Panel discussion with Adrienne Tan(Brainmates) & Q&A 7:30pm - 8pm - More networking, drinks & snacks 8pm - Finish See you all there soon! Make sure to RSVP as spots will go FAST!

  • Experimentation - Effectiveness, Pitfalls and how to avoid it

    SafetyCulture Pty Ltd

    What is Experimentation? How can my team go about experimentation and not fall in the failure market? What are the pitfalls? What are the success stories? What are the canned products which have never seen the light of the day? What are the success results with experimentation? How can I help my team build the right product and eliminate the guesswork ? What are the different tools and techniques that my team can utilize to innovate products? We will look at all this and more in our topic for the month A short bio of our 2 rockstar speakers Ethel Karskens - Head of Product at Catalyser Ethel's role at the social start-up has been to create product processes and strategies. From Scrum Master to Product Owner, from Data Engineer to Customer Success Manager, she now takes the multiple roles that are typically part of the diverse yet crucial world of Product Management. For her, the experimentation processes have being highly influenced by the types of users and the value they add to the functioning of the whole product. The design and the monitoring of the product experimentations are impacted by the types of data available and the user flows. Abhijeet Gandhi (Abhi) - Product Manager (Digital channels) at Tyro Abhijeet (Abhi) is a passionate product manager who is all about optimising the customer experience through enhancements across the organisational value chain. In the last 13 years, Abhi has worked on his customer-centric product experimentation techniques in three continents across the Retail, Advertising and Banking domains. Abhi's most recent role sees him leveraging his passion and experience at the Sydney based FinTech, Tyro Payments, where he is Product Manager for Digital Channels. In summary - ROCKSTARS! The event begins at 5:30 pm with networking,drinks and snacks at Safety Culture(our wonderful hosts). Talks begin at 6:00 pm continuing till 7ish pm, with a panel discussion and Q&A from our audiences. A huge shout out to our wonderful event sponsors for the night - Safety Culture. Safety Culture - Level 3, 63 Foveaux St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia A huge thanks to Safety Culture for hosting the meetup! ------------------------- Agenda ------------------------- 5:30pm - 6pm - Networking, drinks & snacks 6pm - 7:00pm - Speakers present 7:00pm - 7:30pm - Panel discussion & Q&A 7:30pm - 8pm - More networking, drinks & snacks 8pm - Finish

  • How to balance work and family?

    Brainmates Pty Ltd

    All are welcome! Product Women 2019 meetup kick-starts with the topic we all struggle to some degree How to balance career and family? Balancing family and career is tricky for everyone. It’s worth thinking about the balance between your work and the other important things in your life, especially your family There is no universal formula for work-life balance. It’s different for everyone, because every family situation is different and unique. And it’s also likely to change as your work, family and other responsibilities change. Join us as Nusrat Sultana, software engineer from Atlassian and our very own Adrienne Tan co-founder of Brainmates share their experiences, perspectives and life lessons on the tricky juggle between career and family and excelling at both. After the talk, we will open the panel for more Q&A from audiences and also share their experiences ------------------------- Agenda ------------------------- 5:30pm - 6pm - Networking, drinks & snacks 6pm - 7:00pm - Adriennes & Nusrat's talk 7:00pm - 7:30pm - Panel discussion & Q&A 7:30pm - 8pm - More networking, drinks & snacks 8pm - Finish

  • Product Management mega meetup.


    Join us at Sydney's first ever Product Management Mega Meetup. RSVPS for this event are done through Humanatix. Get your tickets & more information here: https://events.humanitix.com.au/sydney-product-management-mega-christmas-meetup Spaces are extremely limited and tickets selling very fast. Please note: RSVPs on the Women in Product meetup page do not mean you have a ticket to the mega meetup. Tickets MUST BE PURCHASED through the Humanatix link above. The mega meetup will replace the December Women in Product event.