The problems with human centred design

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Prototypes and Popcorn
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The small room at the back with the weird couches

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What we'll do

Prototypes and popcorn will continue the conversation about questioning Human Centred Design that was discussed at De-Centring the User, the event put on for Melbourne Design Week. The night will start by questioning and diagnosing the problems of HCD, then continue exploring new ways of thinking to get out of these problems. The two speakers this month are Jussi Pasanen and Reuben Stanton.

Special earlier time in the front room!
Doors open at 5.45pm
Talks will start around 6.00 and finish an hour and a bit later

Talk 1
Having spent nearly a decade and a half working in user experience, Jussi has always held a strong belief that design should be human centred. He has been having some doubts lately and will take us through the ways it can be harmful when it operates at the scale that it does and serves the interests of the few.

Talk 2
Is it possible to run a design agency that does ‘good work’ and ‘social impact’, when we already know that human centred design is failing to deliver on its promise? Reuben will discuss how HCD is too narrow and self centred to drive actual change, attempts at community centredness, and how design should move from “human centred disruption” to “systems centred regeneration”.

Jussi Pasanen is a designer based in Melbourne. He would like to ensure that there remains a liveable world for our kids to enjoy. He is currently working on what’s next and exploring ways to help people reduce their material consumption and fight climate breakdown through instigating and demanding systemic change.

Reuben Stanton is the co-founder and Design Director of Paper Giant. He’s interested in how design can help individuals, communities and states build societies that are more fair, more just, and more sustainable.

Please get in touch if you have an idea for a talk to give at the next Prototypes and Popcorn!