Pursuit Of Happiness & Friendship
Pursuit Of Happiness & Friendship
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Boardgame meetup From 2 Till 7pm every four weeks on saturday.only $10 per person to play. Please bring cash. There is a kitchen if you want to bring tea/coffee or heat meals up in the microwave, no eating or drinking in the room itself tho please.

Yo dawg, do you like board games? ‘Cause I sure do! Boy do I. Just waiting for the day when they change the laws to allow a person to marry a board game, as god intended (be patient Cosmic Encounter™, soon we shall be together <3 ). Anyway, enough about my weird and fantastic life, let’s talk about this meetup.

Every four weeks we play loads of different and unique board games at beaufort street community center in mount lawley. It’s an amazing way to meet new friends and have fun in a relaxed and non-overbearing environment. Don’t worry if you’re not super experienced with board games, very few of our players are, and most of the games are fairly simple and easy to explain. We promise you won’t be roped in to play a 12-hour long game of four-dimensional chess on your first day.

Here are some quotes from some of the people who’ve come to this meetup before:

“Wow, that was a load of fun. I’ve never even heard of some those games!”

“Today was really good. I’ll definitely be coming for more of this.”

“Who are you? How did you get into my house?”

So come along, meet some cool people, and play some board games. It’s the best way to spend a Saturday.