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The ABCs and 123s of Power BI for DBAs and Managers

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The ABCs and 123s of Power BI for DBAs and Managers

Power BI is the new kid on the Microsoft block and part of a new wave of Data Visualisation Techniques and Technology aimed at putting Data Insights well and truly into the hands of a business user. You don’t have to be a Marketing and Advertising Exec in Silicon Valley to be part of the new wave of Data Visualisation Techniques. The idea of Data Discovery is a throw-back to basic human problem solving, or, “you don’t know what you want until you see it” type thinking. Discover means to “Find Unexpectedly During a Search”, and you, the DBA or Infrastructure Manager, have the most to gain from Discovering and Visualising your Data Assets. Seeing your own Database Infrastructure in the Virtual Reality world of Power BI, will raise ideas and eyebrows, where the cycle of basic human problem solving and innovation starts. In this session:

• We do a Steven Spielberg of Data Insights to produce eye popping visualisations in Power BI

• We will look at how you can instantly “Discover” your Data Asset

• What are your data hotspots? What is consuming most space? How can we predict failure ?

• We will look at how you can blend your Service Desk data to keep a tab on SLAs

• We will look all the Zero Infrastructure, mobile and smart watch options

About the Presenter

Peter O’Gorman, Chloe Lefaux and Andre Jamieson are Data Visualisation specialists at the BICG, having used Power BI, Qlik and Tableau and SQL Server to solve common business problems. BICG is a keen supporter of Open Data Queensland and Peter runs the Big Data special interest group for the Australia Computer Society. BICG are excited to be on board with Microsoft as Gold Partner for second year running, in what will be the biggest roadmap release for business intelligence to date. SQL Server 2016 reduces the infrastructure and development risks for Business Intelligence start-up projects with instant, stand up, cloud ready and mobile friendly Business Intelligence as a Service capability. BICG deliver Microsoft’s latest zero infrastructure cloud Big Data Vaults and Analytics in breaking new insights and predictive modelling in the world of Health, Education, Sporting, Banking and Finance.