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Qigong for a Better Life
Qigong - Eight Silk Brocades Come experience and enjoy the beautiful, healing practice of Qigong with Claire from 7pm to 8pm Monday $20 per class. Packages are available. Call Siddhi Space[masked] to book your class. Or visit Or find us on Facebook - Qigong Perth Or click on the link and book a class through the Mind Body App. Qigong is pronounced (chee-gung) and is the study and practice of executing movement with the vital life-force through varied techniques such as breathing techniques; postures; meditations and guided imagery. The soft Qigong style of the Eight Silk Brocades is arguably the most popular Qigong exercise set now practised all around the world. Qigong is a gentle, beautiful and flowing exercise routine that is both deeply relaxing and a profound joy to experience. The overall effect of the exercise is to reduce mental stress and physical tension carried in the muscles of the body. This Qigong style is very effective and easy to learn. These gentle movements paired with the rhythmic breathing are suitable for people of all ages as it does not put too much stress on muscles and joints and can be practiced sitting or standing. You do not have to choose Qigong over a regular workout, but you may certainly want to add it to your workout. What do you need to bring? Water is suggested; wear comfortable clothing and socks for the movement practice. Bring a smile, too!

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Qigong For A Better Life

Qigong improves your body’s physical form, creating a body that is strong and supple as well as improves your balance, stamina and flexibility. You do not have to choose Qigong over a regular workout, but you may certainly want to add it to your workout.

Qigong helps improve your cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, digestive and nervous systems. Practicing Qigong regularly will open and awaken your mind, and encourages intuition and creativity.

Practicing Qigong regularly will keep you relaxed, happy and with a positive state of mind. This is because this form gives a smooth and balanced flow of qi and keeps emotions like anger, fear, anxiety and grief at bay.

Practicing Qigong, aids your body releasing toxins. It also helps your digestive processes, which in turn helps in getting healthier skin, hair and nails. It also improves internal circulation so that your body will generate more internal warmth when it is cold.

With all these benefits of Qigong and the pleasure of doing it, Qigong quickly becomes a regular routine in your life. Without realizing it, your body becomes disciplined enough to add it to your daily regimen, much like starting your day with a healthy meal.

With all the benefits that qigong offers, why not join us today?

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