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Tai Chi Classes in the Gold Coast
What are the benefits of learning Tai Chi? Tai Chi Chuan is an exercise for anybody wanting to improve bone density, strength of their legs and joints, flexibility of the waist, to improve concentration and to calm the mind. You will improve your breathing by increasing lung capacity and your heart rate will slow, yet you can still work up a sweat. Tai Chi Chuan improves the fighting ability of martial artists by teaching them how to deal with oncoming force, how to balance their body for maximum energy output, and to achieve an external softness while maintaining an internal hardness. Classes Our classes consist of warm ups, standing post exercises, push hands, and forms. Our forms include the Beijing 24, Long Fist Yang style 24, Long Fist Yang style 108, Yang style 42, Sun style Tai Chi for Arthritis. Saturdays 9-10 am. Easy Taichi Classes are available Monday evenings (6-7pm) Tuesday and Thursday mornings (9-10am). Contact Marc Webster on[masked] to register. Click here for More Info ( on the Teacher and the school - where you can also learn martial arts, lion dance and get Chinese medical treatment.

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There is a force field within you, that interacts with the force field of the universe around you. Qigong is about understanding, harmonising and cultivating those force fields. The remarkable thing is that its very powerful when one individual does it, but twice as powerful when 2 come together. etc etc. You'll find people walk past and they can 'feel' the energy. Its time to do qigong together, to bring it out of our backyards and homes and into the public. This group is a forum where you can find out about what qigong classes, retreats workshops are on in your area. Once a month we will also get together to practice qigong together. Related form practitioners e.g. Taichi, Yogaqigong, Qi-ball are welcome to become part of this group too.

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