• From Quantum Computing to Quantum Machine Learning

    Outcome-Hub Co-Working Space

    About the Talk: Quantum Computing is in its infancy, but very much alive, attracting increasing attention and it is now a commercial reality. Exploiting the odd, inexplicable effects of quantum mechanics, it provides a means of accelerating certain forms of computation through a form of parallelisation that can be described as map-reduce across multiple universes. The results are unheard-of speeds for applications in fields including cryptography, optimisation and machine learning. Quantum Machine learning applications are also in their infancy, but fascinating innovations are just around the corner. In this presentation Eugene will provide an overview of Quantum Computing, its applications to Machine Learning, and implications for the data science field. Time permitting, there will also be an overview of the state of the art of the field, and available resources. About the Speaker: Dr. Eugene Dubossarsky is the principal founder of Data Science Sydney. He is the CEO of Presciient, providing quality data science training to hundreds in Australia and overseas over the last 5 years, and now offering courses in quantum computing. He is the Chief Data Scientist of AlphaZetta, a global analytics consultancy spanning 27 countries with over 330 consultants globally, as well as a founding partner of Advantage Data, an Australian analytics and data commercialisation consultancy. He is also the principal data science advisor to a growing number of technology start-ups covering the fields of banking, entertainment, medicine, sports and insurance. Agenda for the evening: 6:00PM - Meetup starts, networking, meet and great...etc. 6:30PM - Talk starts

  • Intro To Quantum Computing

    Outcome-Hub Co-Working Space

    Quantum Computing has a bright future. Many multinational companies and governments are investing heavily in Quantum Computing. The promise of Quantum Computing is be able to perform certain calculations faster. Which ones? - come our meetup :-P How much faster? - come to our meetup :-P Many news articles are already talking about Quantum Computers. Do you want to understand Quantum Computing better than some fraction of journalists? Of course! See you at 6pm for the networking before the talk. The talk itself will start at 6:30pm. Presented by your host, Slava Razbash. Our Meetup group is looking for presenters for future meetups. If you would like to present at one of our meetups, please get in touch.

  • Quantum Computing Technology, Resources, Learning Tools and History

    This is a chance to meet other Quantum Computing enthusiasts, and to find out about available resources : texts, online courses, simulators, open source code and actual quantum computers on the cloud that you can program, and for free. We will also discuss the state of the art: what are IBM, Google, Microsoft, Dwave and others doing, what have they made available, and what are the implications for cryptography, machine learning and search? Come along, meet your fellow multiverse hackers and find out these things and more.