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NLP Practitioner / Leadership Coach Certification
Are you fed up of NOT getting the results you want OR what you expected... has life dealt you the unexpected - Are you attracting the same relationships - jobs - people - emotions etc...? BUT deep down you just know there is MORE and to this thing called LIFE..... Because if you are looking to Achieve Better Results in your Career - Relationships - Business - Sports - Your Life.... Then read on as... NLP is primarily based around achieving results... results that you want to achieve in your career, business, personal life or relationships. NLP teaches you how to make a powerful impact in your life and the lives and careers of others. On completion of your course ---- You will be able start your own business as a Fully Internationally accredited NLP Practitioner and Coach... Discover the science behind creating a life full of passion - motivation - fulfilment and most importantly, successful results. We teach the most proven and powerful tools and techniques in applied psychology today. If you are looking for more balance and certainty in your life - to have more confidence and motivation and to make those significant breakthroughs to achieve the success you deserve then NLP training is what you are looking for. If you are looking to achieve amazing results in your life NOW ... What are you waiting for? • Do you feel you are capable of achieving much more in your life, but don't know how to go about it - or maybe lack the skills or confidence to actually do it! • Improve your Communication skills in the workplace - your own business and in your relationships. Learn to Powerfully Influence others and create better two-way communication • Learn Powerful NLP tools and techniques and create New behaviours and skills to move you forward to what you want in life... letting go of those old habitual patterns that may have holding you back • Develop a powerful attitude to Create Optimum Performances throughout your life. Build successful relationships and create a life of fulfilment with purpose • Create a sense of wholeness, clarity and congruence and shift those old perceptions that can sometimes make us feel stuck • Learn to set Specific, Realistic and Achievable goals consistently for Successful results • NLP has proven to be the most effective modality available for managing your emotional states - Become a Master of your state - with mental clarity and focus in those life changing moments in business - relationships - sports - performances etc. Choose to respond rather than react. • Learn Powerful techniques to master your mind and Accelerate Your Success in your Business, Career, Relationships, Sales management and Leadership roles • Make an Impact with others and learn to become a Confident leader - Assisting and Influencing others to create the future they desire and deserve • Learn to Motivate yourself and others to achieve the results you want, much faster through proven and tested successful strategies • Take control of your destiny and live your life's purpose by creating a life that you really want - Live an outcome based life with Passion - Motivation - Fulfilment • Become a Leader in your chosen field in Life and create a life of purpose During your NLP Practitioner / Coach Training, you will learn: • The Study of Human Excellence • NLP frames for successful communication • Improved communication skills in business, sales, management etc • Learn powerful language patterns to achieve a new level of influence with precision & elegance • Learn the power to rapport & communication for persuasion and influence • Discover the art of communicating within someone’s learning system for influence • Get rid of the self re-enforcing habit of negative behaviour • How to achieve the successful results you want faster • Learn how to become clear and discover your true purpose in life • Learn the powerful secrets of negotiation for win win situations • Update the software of the mind to have a mind built for success • Learn to consciously regulate your heart rhythms for higher intelligence, clearer thought patterns and mind body coherence • Remove limitations, apprehensions and doubts to be free of whatever holds you back • How to create long lasting and deep meaningful relationships in life and business • Create long lasting outcomes that consistently create motivation, success and confidence • Learn to harness the ability to manage your emotions and be in control of your state • Understanding the Trance state and how to use to influence others positively • Quantum Timeline for letting go of negative emotions such as anger, stress, overwhelm etc • Submodalities - How the Brain codes information and how to change those codes • How to resolve internal conflict within yourself and/or the workplace • Develop a Powerful Mindset Attitude for optimum performance and achievement • Learn how to create new behaviours for a more fulfilling life • Understanding the importance of Values & Motivation • Learn to create successful results in life & business much faster through alignment • Discover how to live a life of Self Empowerment, Confidence & Motivation • Learn to create Peak Performance in your Life, Sports & Business • Learn Powerful Conversational Language Patterns to influence and bypass resistance • How to Manage your emotional state in all areas of life (business, sports, relationships) NLP Certification / Accreditation You will receive 3 Certifications: 1. NLP Practitioner Certification 2. NLP Coaching Certification 3. Ericksonian Hypnosis (Level 1) 4. Timeline Certificate This is a Fully Accredited Educational NLP Certification Program recognised by The Australian Board of NLP. For more information and to register for this course If you have any questions or would like to REGISTER your place on this course, go to the website below or you can contact me personally via email or mobile[masked]. PLEASE NOTE: You are ONLY marked as Registered after you have registered via the website.

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If you're interested in developing Successful Results in Your Life Much Faster - Read on because we can show you how... through powerful proven techniques and strategies.

We welcome all skill levels to our LIVE face to face AND Online development meetup group...

If you are looking to develop your knowledge of The Mind and the skills of Coaching, NLP and Personal/Self Development to a deeper level, and gain more confidence in a safe environment under professional supervision, then you're in the right place.

Learn and understand NLP - Coaching - Mindset - Emotional Intelligence and the Power of the Mind, its Functions and Capabilities and how it integrates with your everyday life. Perhaps becoming a certified NLP Life Coach and assisting others. Why not come along and sample The Power of NLP & Coaching.

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Your facilitator and I've been training and coaching for over 15 years now - why not come along and interact with other coaches, people of like mind and discover how ro create A Mindset 2 Success...

There will also be discussions groups and movie nights from time to time. So join us for an evening or afternoon with like minded people...

The Quantum Training Institute is an Australian Fully Accredited NLP Training Institute - Training high quality educational NLP Programs including: NLP & Life Coaching Diplomas - NLP Practitioner - NLP Master Practitioner - Emotional Intelligence Certification - NLP Coaching - Advanced Timeline Coaching
here in Perth - Brisbane - Melbourne.

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