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Bokeh - Photo Challenge (No Physical Location)
The Challenge: Bokeh The last couple of challenges have been about controlling shutter speed to produce different effects. This challenge is all about using aperture and depth of field to create some dreamy bokeh - either in front of, or behind, your main subject. If you would like some more information about bokeh have a look at these websites. (There are plenty of other sites you can search on-line.) Be creative and have fun. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Rules • Only ONE submission per person per challenge. • Photos must be taken specifically for the challenge (no existing shots please). • Monday - Saturday (capture your images during this RSVP period). • Sunday - Upload your submissions on Sunday after 8am. • Comment on any photo you like. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The Background Welcome to QLP's photo challenge. Every once in a while we will have a photo challenge that can be done at your home, out and about or where ever you like. Feel free to team up with other members. (However, there is no physical get-together for the whole group.) This is not a competition, merely an opportunity to challenge yourself. Each challenge will have a new theme to get your head around. They do not need to be 'Landscape' themed. Submissions MUST be taken within the "challenge week" only and cannot be from your existing portfolio. (Using existing images defeats the purpose of the challenge and you won't learn anything new.) This is a great way to broaden your skill set and discover new things. The trick is to force yourself to participate in each challenge rather than just entering the events when you have a killer idea. If you're not familiar with a particular theme this is the perfect opportunity to teach yourself and then see how others perceived the same theme. How to upload? After the specified upload time/date, go to the home page of the Meet Up Group for Qld Landscape Photographers, scroll down to Recent Meetups, click on the particular Challenge you want to upload to and click on that. There you will find the word 'upload photos'.

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