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Welcome to Radiate Coaching, a dynamic group for women to get together!

This group is linked to Radiate Coaching, where I work as a Women in Business Mentor and Coach. I invite you to take a look at the link below for more info:

http://www.radiatecoaching.org (http://www.radiatecoaching.org/)

How often do you feel like you need a hand growing your business or getting new clients? Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your time and energy trying new strategies to make more money? Not sure how to change things?

If you’re tired of working too hard; and you feel like you’re ready to live a better life – I’d love to share how you can start an empowering personal journey and live your best life NOW. Learn how to start or grow a business. This group is for women who want to align their *PASSION* and *PURPOSE*, exploring their potential within an inspiring community right here in Sydney.

When do we meet?

We meet regularly, at least once a month.

What types of activities will we do?

In line with the philosophy of Radiate Coaching this group focusses on activities that help women to build their network, grow their business and restructure and live their best life.


+ Educational workshops to learn new skills in business

+ Mindfulness sessions, led by myself (I am a qualified transformative meditation teacher and Coach)

+ Networking evenings via innerCIRCLE6 for businesswomen & entrepreneurs

+ Brunch or an after work drink

If you're looking for an inspiring, friendly and positive group to join, you're in the right place! This group has been created for women like you.

When you join us you will gain the support of a community of women who are working on growing their business. You'll have the opportunity to meet like-minded women, make new friends, exchange ideas and progress in your life What are the 9 tenets of the philosophy behind Radiate Coaching?

1. Increase your productivity and quality of life at the same time
2. Unleash your creativity
3. Build a life based on your passions and make money
4. Radiate inner peace and learn to live in the present
5. Release your blocks & move forwards in alignment with your values
6. Discover new possibilities for how to live your best life
7. Learn mindfulness and lessen anxiety
8. Become a confident version of your true self
9. Live authentically and attract opportunities so you can live your best life

I look forward to meeting you soon and welcoming you into the RADIATE community.

If you have any queries please email me at: helloradiatecoaching@gmail.com



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