What we're about

Radical Business Networking is about you perfecting your pitch. Learn to share clearly & concisely the key elements of your business:

1) Who you are.

2) What you do that’s so amazing.

3) The problems you solve.

4) The big prize, or big benefit of working with you.

5) The keys to presenting yourself effectively to a group.

This group will support you and challenge you to become much more successful. 90% of success is showing up, being available for opportunity. The best way to become a success is to help others to become successful – it’s our living example that most inspires. And what goes around comes around, so the more successful we become, so too will our colleagues.

Radical Business Networking enables you to step into your authentic leadership and build winning, lasting relationships.

The group meets on a fortnightly basis on Wednesday night in the heart of the city.

(We also have several other satellite groups by the same name, with different numbers on the end, so if you don't want doubled-up emails, then make sure you only join this one.)

Past Events

Radical Business Networking

Level 2, 99 York Street

Radical Business Networking

Level 1, 71 Macquarie St

Radical Business Networking

The Terrace, Dove and Olive Pub

Radical Business Networking

Bespoke Concierge Boardroom

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