Re-Imagining Mental Health: for HR Professionals

What we'll do

Mental health is complex, and it becomes a whole lot more complex when it comes to the workplace. This networking event is all about bringing together those who are passionate about changing the way we see mental health in the workplace. Each month, there will be a new topic to discuss, so bring yourselves, your contemplating minds and your HR folk to the event to discuss, debate and potentially learn something new from a different perspective.

For July: The topic is "How do we overcome the mental health stigma problem in the workplace?"

We all know the stigma of mental health is one of the biggest challenges in any effective mental health program within workplaces. Employees are afraid to speak up and, although it has been difficult to change this culture, it isn't impossible. Join us to learn from others how they see mental health stigma evolving in their workplace and the initiatives that best support this hurdle.

These meet up groups are kept small to make discussions useful and practical. There is a limit on 10 people per event so join us!