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Story Sharing Event - Medical AI


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What we'll do

For this Responsible AI Event, we’re going to try something a little bit experimental.

In order to get a feeling for how AI systems will impact the people that use them, we’re going to run a story-sharing evening, with the format inspired by this scheme.

The setup is as follows:

- We’ll get 3 people working in AI/Data Science companies

- And 3 people working in/or representing some particular area of interest to the group at large

- These 6 people will meet each other just before the event starts, and be linked up for a 1-on-1 story exchange in pairs, 1 from each group of 3.

AI Side: Exchange a personal story about a significant personal event at the intersection of tech: some project that they worked on that was important to them; some experience that brought them to where they are; what their motivations are to be working in this field.

Industry/Public Side: Exchange a personal story about a significant event in your field. See here for some ideas of stories.

-The stories take around 5 minutes to repeat.

-After the story exchange time, the individuals will step up to the audience and repeat the story that they heard, in the first person. In this way, we hope to build a shared understanding of how technology affects people, on all sides.

-The evening will conclude with some time for group questions, then mingling.

We would like to open the floor for members of the AI and Medical industries to take part ...

1. People who want to represent the AI/Data Science side. No special skills are required, just a willingness to share a story, and listen to a story. Email us if you’re interested.

2. People who would be interested in being involved on the medical side. If it’s you, or a friend, then get in contact. We’re looking for: Doctors, Nurses, Patient representatives, researchers or anyone who has a story they'd like to share.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved please get in contact via [masked]