What we're about

Round Rock Writers' Guild is a collective of writers that gathers regularly at Lamppost Coffee to write, talk about writing, and support one another. Members generally come from the North Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Cedar Park areas, but anyone who is willing to make the trip is welcome.

Our group is open to any genre or style. We only require that members be respectful toward each other and the work being presented. We encourage honest critique and open-minded discussion. In addition to this Meet-Up, we provide a forum (http://rrwg.freeforums.net/) where we share files for critique, share links, and converse between meetings.
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Meetings include:
Every Mon - 6 pm - 8 pm – Work In Progress (WIP)

Every Thur – 6 pm – 8 pm – Unofficial Write In
1st Sat -
11 am - 1 pm - Speed Writing

2nd Sat -
11 am - 1 pm – Craft/Shop Talk

3rd Sat -
11 am - 1 pm - Poetry Speed Writing

4th Sat -
11 am - 1 pm - Story Challenge

5th Sat -
11 am - 1 pm - Write-In

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The moderating of these meetings is shared among volunteer members. If you think this might be the right group for you, feel free to register and we'll send you more information. We look forward to writing with you!
For full information on Monday Critique meetings, please visit our website (http://rrwg.freeforums.net/thread/29/basics). Information about all other meetings can be found here on this MeetUp page.

Upcoming events (5+)

Poetry Writing Challenge

Lamppost Coffee

If you’ve ever thought about writing poetry, or if you like writing poetry and need a kick in the pants to challenge yourself into new realms of poetry, join us. Each month, a RRWG member will provide various prompts for inspiration. We'll write, share, and discuss our work. We'll use exercises that are appropriate for poetry in its various forms. This month, our own Bill R. is preparing prompts to make us think and write our best. Bring whatever you use to write with, and be ready for those creative juices to start flowing. This month's moderator will be announced here once it has been decided.

Monday WIP

Lamppost Coffee

Monday WIP is a sub-group of RRWG that shares and critiques submissions. Because participating in a critique session asks members to be vulnerable, we require all participants to attend at least one meeting before joining the WIP group. We want to meet your face! Once you've attended a meeting, you can join the WIP Participant group on our forum where we upload submissions and critiques. A more thorough explanation of WIP requirements and expectations is available once you've been made a member of the WIP group. Go ahead and become a forum member at rrwg.freeforums.net now as your first step! (We share all kinds of tips, encouragement and publishing opportunities over there, too.) You must RSVP prior to coming. If you are unable to RSVP, send me a message. If you are bringing a guest, remember to include that in your RSVP. During the meeting, submissions are critiqued in order of submission. We use the Milford-Style Workshopping Method (http://cascadewriters.com/milford-style-workshopping/). The critiques begin with the person to the author's left and go around the circle. In the name of expediency, authors are asked to remain silent during the critiques. Authors are given time to respond after all critiques have been given. The amount of time allotted to each person will depend on the number of submissions and the number of people providing feedback.

Unofficial Write-In Night

Lamppost Coffee

Need an excuse to write? Here is your official unofficial notice that you MUST write at the Lamppost on Thursday Night. Come in, get a cup of coffee (or tea or whatever you like) and sit around with other people who enjoy writing and write. That's it. No chit chat (well, very little chit chat) just lots of the good writing vibes caused by a gaggle of creative people working in one spot. Sit with other members of the RRWG or absorb the vibe from a corner of your own, but write, please.

Story Challenge

Lamppost Coffee

This is a new meeting format. On the Monday before the meeting, the moderator will post a writing prompt. You have the week to write a short story, some non-fiction, the start of a novel, poems, anything that the prompt inspires you to write. Bring it to the meeting where we will take turns reading aloud and discussing what we created, the processes we used to create, and how we feel about our own creations. Let’s dive into what makes writers write.

Past Events

Unofficial Write-In Night

Lamppost Coffee

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