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Sattantra is a personally developed practice for anyone seeking a greater understanding of energy as well as those undergoing an energetic and/or spiritual awakening. Our aim is to awaken and heal the energetic body within a safe and supportive community-centred environment. Sattantra requires no experience and no prior knowledge in spirituality and energy healing. All are welcome and encouraged to join in on a class and see for yourself what Sattantra is all about. We encourage an intuitive mode of self-healing which offers insight, self-expression and conscious connection through a range of practical techniques & themes that can be beneficial to all people.


Sattantra has evolved in its purpose to empower and support the healing and evolution of fellow seekers. Our vision is to live in a world where it's OK to be authentically and genuinely you. Where it's normal to express honest emotion, to acknowledge and ask for what you need, to share and live from a place of love, and to feel safe and supported as you evolve into who you were born to be.

The process of awakening, whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually or energetically, can be isolating to say the least. As a community we aim to create a safe and supportive space for healing and growth so that no one need feel alone in their journey. Our hope is that one day these evolutionary experiences will be more widely accepted, held and nurtured by others.

Sattantra is a safe platform from which to begin your journey. We invoke a potent combination of inner guidance, practical technique, and loving holding by grounded, intuitive, caring people, who are there simply to support.


It is our belief that all people have a fundamental yearning to be seen, held, accepted as they are, and loved. For this reason we don't aim to tell you what needs to be cleared, worked on, changed, etc, instead we ask you to look within and determine for yourself, via careful listening, what is ready to move, and what yearns to be held in that moment.

For one person that may be an inner call to release pent up fears, stresses, and frustrations, for another they may be needing to explore their fullest expression of joy, celebration and sweetness.

Sattantra provides a safe space for you to express fully whatever is there for you in each moment. As long as it is authentic to you then it is welcome and encouraged.


In Sattantra the Tantra element is non-sexual; our focus is instead on activation and release, authentic expression, and loving heart felt connection. We use specific practices that include, but are not limited to: Kundalini shaking, expressive movement and sound, breath work, mantra, interpersonal connection and revealing of our deepest (and sometimes most hidden) parts, as well as other vibrational healing techniques. Baring witness to one another's healing is also an integral part of this practice, because often what's needed most is to simply be seen as you are. For this reason the final third of the class (in most cases) is centred around authentic heartfelt human connection, where without words we have the opportunity to experience each other from a place of love, compassion and understanding.

These exercises release blockages in the flow of vital life force energy and realign you with your natural state of being by re-harmonising the subtle body and balancing the heart.


As a vessel of limited energetic capacity, the body is in a constant exchange of prana and apana. These are the vital forces governing the natural flow of energy as it is either absorbed into or released out of the body. In learning to unlock and harness these forces we can consciously manipulate this energy exchange. Either bringing in new energy to push the old out. Or using a method of catharsis, we can first expel old stagnant energy in order to allow space for the new.
So what is this stagnant energy? Stagnant energy, otherwise known as energetic knots come into being when we suppress our natural instinct to express any thoughts or emotions as they arise. In time these unfelt, unexpressed emotions or thoughts begin to build up and become heavy in the body, not only disrupting the natural flow and capacity for life force energy but also attracting any energies of a similar frequency. So like gravity around a tiny planet, these knots are constantly pulling in more and more of the same, becoming denser, heavier in their layers and much harder to break up and move.

So in Sattantra it's all about activating these vital forces in order to break up and move any energetic knots. This allows for the expression of what was unexpressed in the first place to surface and be released. (Hence the emotional release and catharsis that many of you experience in my classes)

With regular practice, and often with immediate initial results this release not only gives you the freedom and clarity of being unbound from heavy pattern and trauma, but also the flexibility and energetic capacity for MORE. More love, more compassion, more EVERYTHING. It's amazing. Really.

And I know from personal experience with energy, my own and others that if you follow through with regular practice you will find yourself in a free flow of energy, connected, grounded, tuned in, peaceful and present to life and all her offerings. Some of you will even reach higher states, and those of you with Kundalini imbalances, WOW, I can't recommend it more. Seriously, after my awakening I went from not even being able to talk properly or well…function at all, to now, where life is so deliciously and constantly blissful and magic. So much so that it hurts to know that there was ever another way. I wouldn't be the same without this practice.


After struggling through a very powerful premature spontaneous Kundalini awakening (google it) in 2012, I had no choice but to dedicate my life to understanding the nature of subtle energy and how it works. So where I may not have as many years training as some, my offering is based on genuine first hand self exploration and life experience. With the discovery of Tantra in 2014 and the realisation that I appeared to be suffering a 'PSKA'; I began the process of practical self study and experimentation with technique. It wasn't long before I understood the nature of subtle energy and how I could harness, manipulate and manage this energy in order to heal myself. Realising that others could benefit from my experiences, I started to share what I knew and soon discovered that my understanding of energy could be translated to others. The results were significant, insightful and healing. It is due to the encouragement of those who have borne witness to my journey that I decided to develop this practice.

Since then I have run over 50 workshops, facilitated at festivals and other events, have held numerous private sessions, have witnessed countless transformations and have helped hundreds (or more) to feel less alone and confused in their own process of awakening. I myself started this journey alone, lost, confused and unsupported. For years I had no idea of what I was experiencing or what to expect. So while Sattantra is about self discovery and practical applied healing, it's also about providing a safe space for community that offers support, guidance and courage to those who might be struggling or lost on a similar journey.

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