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✔ All shore excursions included
✔ Specialty dining for our group included
✔ Train & bus tour included
✔ Klondike Trail view included
✔ Whale cruise on a catamaran included
✔ Glacier tour included
✔ Visit to native indians included
✔ Totems and Eagles cruise included
✔ Fully hosted (by Norm)

View bald eagles soaring above our heads; killer whales breaching; grizzly bears grazing along the shore; glacier floes tumbling into the sea; and unforgettable sunsets on our Alaska Singles Cruise - onboard the Norwegian Sun

Sail along the Inside Passage to visit the immense ice formations of Icy Strait, as well as the picturesque ports of Ketchikan, Skagway and Juneau. Discover the stories and adventures that make up the fabric of the only U.S. state capital which is not accessible by car. Native American culture still thrives, Gold Rush legends abound, and Russian influences add spice. From charming fishing villages to glorious national parks, our Alaska singles cruise will be a vacation of a lifetime

★ ★ ★ ★ INCLUDES ★ ★ ★
✔ Air Fares : Brisbane to Anchorage
✔ Air Fares : Vancouver to Brisbane
✔ Pre-cruise hotel at Anchorage
✔ Train (very scenic) from Anchorage to Seward
✔ Train transfer is inlcuded
✔ Shuttle transfer from airport to hotel is included
✔ Pre-cruise hotel includes ..
✔ .. Breakfast
✔ .. Indoor pool
✔ .. Located downtown Anchorage (handy for self-touring)
✔ .. Ship Creek viewing platform : 7 mins walk
✔ .. Anchorage Markets : 10 mins walk
✔ .. Alaska Statehood Monument : 8 mins walk
✔ 8-Day cruise
✔ Includes Inside Passage
✔ Includes up-close glacier viewing
✔ Shore excursions include train, bus and cruise tours
✔ Shore excursions include wildlife
✔ Shore excursions include native culture
✔ All meals included on cruise
✔ Specialty dining on cruise (our group)
✔ All international flights include ..
✔ .. in-flight meals
✔ .. 2 @ 23kg checked-in luggage plus 7kg carry-on
✔ .. onboard entertainment
✔ Option to self-tour Honolulu, Hawaii during stop-over
✔ Includes all taxes and port charges
✔ Rooming Options ...

Payment by direct deposit to ...

Suncorp Bank
BSB :[masked]
Account : Norm Ferguson
Account Number :[masked]

3 AUGUST 2019 : 3:35pm Departure from Brisbane. In-flight meals are included

We will have sufficient stop-over time to take a short comprehensive tour of Honolulu (the airport is just 15 minutes drive by taxi, to the city). I recommend the PURPLE LINE hop-on/hop-off bus which takes just 1-hour to complete the circuit and includes Pearl Harbour. You may also wish to enjoy the BLUE LINE which tours the coast and includes the volcano tube blow-holes

Our connecting flight takes us to Anchorage with a shuttle to the pre-cruise hotel, where breakfast is included. Enjoy the indoor pool; delight in a self-guided walk-tour (the hotel is conveniently located in Downtown Anchorage); or catch up on any jetlag

5 AUGUST : Cruise Day 1: Anchorage/Seward
Catch the train (included) and wow over the spectacular scenery, as you are shuttled to Seward. Definitely keep your camera handy. Meet and greet our cruise leader Dianne and other travelers, then enjoy a welcome dinner together

Welcome Aboard the Norwegian Sun (Boarding Time: 4:00pm - 7:00pm)

6 AUGUST : Cruise Day 2: Cruise Hubbard Glacier
Once measurements began in 1895, Hubbard Glacier has been thickening and steadily advancing into Disenchantment Bay, and is now the largest calving glacier in North American. Hubbard Glacier measures 76 miles long and plunges 1,200 feet into the depths of the bay, routinely calves of icebergs as high as 10-story buildings, send massive blocks of ice into the sea every few minutes. Hubbard Glacier's immense beauty and phenomenal blue hues are enchanting, even from afar, but when our cruise ship draws closer, its towering surface really impresses - dwarfing even the uppermost deck on our ship at a whopping 40 stories high.

7 AUGUST : Cruise Day 3: Icy Strait Point, Alaska : 9:00am - 5:00pm
The Icy Strait Point experience combines authentic regional culture with incredible natural beauty. Enjoy Tlingit dancing and art. Or get closer than you'd ever imagine to humpback whales and brown bears in the wild

Icy Strait Point, owned by Huna Totem Corporation, is located on Chichagof Island, about 30 miles west of Juneau along Icy Strait in the Inside Passage. The port is centered on the restored salmon cannery, which now houses a museum, local arts and crafts shops, restaurants and a mid-1930's cannery line display. The Huna, a Tlingit tribe, have lived in the Icy Strait area for thousands of years.

INCLUDED : Shore Excursion - Whales and Mammal Cruise (2 hours)
Imagine being in the midst of humpback whales as they feed and frolic in the bountiful waters of Icy Strait. Our excursion begins with a high-speed catamaran ride through waters which support a wide array of marine life, including orca (killer whales), Steller's sealions, seals, porpoises, and of course magnificent humpback whales. Keep your eyes peeled for bald eagles in the evergreen treetops

8 AUGUST : Cruise Day Day 4: Juneau, Alaska : 7:00am - 1:15pm
Juneau has been called “Alaska's peak experience,” certainly due in part to its unparalleled glacier viewing from such places as Tracy Arm Fjord, the Juneau Icefields and Glacier Bay National Park

Kayak up one of the area's many protected waterways, go flight-seeing, tour historic downtown or try your hand at panning for gold. The majestic Mendenhall Glacier lies nearly 12 miles outside Juneau, a treck worthwhile

INCLUDED : Shore Excursion - Glacier and City Tour (2.5 hours)
Enjoy a narrated city tour with natives of Juneau and Tlingit Indians. They will regale us with stories from local history which stretches back 10,000 years. Hear about the origins of the Haida-Tlingit tribe, the impact of Russian, European, and American influences, and the gold which formed the past - and thus the present. Pass over the Gastineau Channel to view the incredible panorama of Juneau. Next travel to the beautiful Mendenhall Glacier National Park, one of 38 glaciers flowing from the massive 1,500-square-mile Juneau Ice Fields. Take a hike or stroll along one of the many trails, like Nugget Creek Falls and Photo Point Trail, which winds along Mendenhall Lake to an unobstructed view of the glacier. Take an optional visit to Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center for an elevated view of the glacier as well as interactive geological exhibits explaining glacier formation. before taking the convenient half-hourly shuttle back to town

9 AUGUST : Cruise Day 5: Skagway, Alaska : 7:00 am 5:00 pm
In a single year from 1896 to 1897, this remote town along the Inside Passage grew from a few tents to a city of 20,000 gold seekers. Today, travelers come in search of other riches – to experience yesteryear along Skagway's charming boardwalk lined with buildings which replicate those Gold Rush days.

INCLUDED : Shore Excursion - Railroad & Bus Tours
A scenic Alaskan rail experience which begins with a 28 mile journey between Skagway, Alaska, and Fraser, British Columbia. Experience the breathtaking panorama of mountains, glaciers, gorges, waterfalls, tunnels, trestles, and historic sites from the comfort of our vintage passenger coaches. See the original Klondike Trail of ’98 worn into the rocks - a permanent tribute to the thousands of souls who passed this way in search of fortune. Once a water-stop for the thirsty steam engines and rotary snowplows, Fraser, BC, is now the site of Canadian Customs and Immigration. Upon arrival at the train depot at Fraser, transfer to a comfortable tour vehicle to continue your excursion into the unparalleled beauty of the Yukon Territory. Travel to Emerald Lake, Caribou Crossing, Carcross and Lake Bennett. While at Caribou Crossing Trading Post, a piping hot BBQ lunch awaits as well as the Yukon Wildlife Museum

10 AUGUST : Cruise Day 6: Ketchikan, Alaska 1:00pm - 8:00pm
Its Tlingit Indian name, Kach Khanna, means “spread wings of the eagle.” Chances are you'll see one of these magnificent birds perched atop a Sitka tree. Thanks to its abundant rainfall, Ketchikan is surrounded by some of the world's most lush wilderness

INCLUDED : Shore Excursion - Lighthouse Totems and Eagles Cruise (3 hours)
Enjoy a scenic, narrated drive through Ketchikan to Air Marine Harbor and board our boat. Relax in the heated main cabin or enjoy the open-air observation deck, as we witness an abundance of eagles with provided binoculars. Harbor seals, Pigeon Guillemots and moon jellyfish are commonly spotted. Whales, deer, blue heron and a variety of sea birds are seen through the entire season. Along the way, hear of the area's maritime history, the rich Tlingit culture, the timber and fishing industries and local lifestyles. Observe harvested and old growth areas of the Tongass National Forest, and travel past historic Ward Cove Cannery. We’ll circumnavigate the Guard Island Lighthouse established in 1901 and view the Totem Bight clan house totem poles, including Ketchikan's tallest totem pole; and see colorful cabins, mansions of the local rich and famous and unique homes, many built on their own islands.

11 AUGUST : Cruise Day 7: A Day at Sea
Relax and delight over all the great photos you took in Alaska as we enjoy our day at sea
Don't forget - we have the UNLIMITED DRINKS PACKAGE

12 AUGUST : Cruise Day 8: Vancouver, British Columbia : 7:00am (Disembark)
Positioned between the snow-dusted North Shore Mountains and the rich, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver blends big-city sophistication with small-town charm. Don't miss Queen Elizabeth Park – a 130-acre civic arboretum accented with sculptures by modern artist Henry Moore

Our return flight to Brisbane leaves at 1:10pm which means our trip to the airport is not rushed. This is a shared taxi/uber (attendee cost)

13 AUGUST : Flight to Brisbane
All in-flight meals are included. Onboard entertainment is included

14 AUGUST : Brisbane
Return to Brisbane is 8:25am, which means we have a comfortable daylight return to our homes

★ ★ ★ CABINS ★ ★ ★
Interior staterooms are an excellent value. These spacious staterooms have no window which is great if you like to sleep late

The large picture window will delight you and provides an excellent view of the ocean and all destinations.
Some ocean-view cabins have obstructed views

Enjoy the scenic views from your own private balcony. Most balcony staterooms also have a separate sitting area.

For booking purposes, please private-email the following ..
✔ Full name, as displayed in passport
✔ Date of Birth
✔ Place of Birth (as shown in passport)
✔ Origin of Passport
✔ Photocopy/scan of the front page of passport

✔ Your passport is required to have at least 6-months validity AT TIME OF RE-ENTERING AUSTRALIA
Any necessary visas will be provided by the tour company, except the ETSA visa which is required if you wish to tour Hawaii. It is important a copy of your passport is private-emailed to us

Travel insurance is required for this adventure. You may choose to purchase your own, or we can arrange it for you (price depends upon age)
IMPORTANT : if you choose to purchase your own insurance, be sure to obtain DIRECT CONTACT insurance

★★★ CURRENCY ★★★
Currencies you will require ...
.. US dollars
.. Canadian dollars
If you would like Australian currency converted, please contact us and we can arrange it on your behalf
IMPORTANT : We strongly recommend against using credit cards; or converting currency while abroad

A pre-travel meeting will be arranged, for dissemination of documents; and outlining tour requirements

★★★ TIPPING ★★★
Tipping is required for onboard the cruise (e.g. waiters, porters, stewart), hotels staff (e.g. porters, maid), tour guides, drivers and tour host should be tipped. A guide to tipping will be provided during our pre-travel meeting

Parking and airport shuttle in Brisbane can be arranged. This will be discussed at the pre-travel meeting

... Payment is required as you RSVP
... If you invite a friend, please pay on their behalf. Do not rely on them to pay
... You will be required to produce your passport and a current debit/credit card for normal motel security check-in
... You will be required to produce your passport while checking onto the cruise ship
... Aside from those stated above, all eats/drinks, meals and snacks are your cost
... As with all our adventures, this is 100% non smoking, non vapour, no mobile phoning while in company
... Please bring all medications which you would normally take at home
... If you are prone to motion sickness (sea sick) please bring prescription medication. Do not rely on natural remedies (e.g. ginger) as these are least effective
... Failure to arrive on time will void the ticket entirely with no refunds
... The adventure will still go ahead if the weather is inclement
... Parking at any meeting venue is entirely your risk
... Flights and tour itinerary are subject to change without notice
... If there are any amendments to the itinerary or the adventure itself, or change in host, there is no refund
... Animals are wild and sightings cannot be guaranteed
... If you cancel prior to 1 September 2018, a 50% refund is provided. Please utilise your travel insurance to obtain the balance
... If you cancel between 1 September 2018 and 31 December 2018, a 25% refund is provided. Please utilise your travel insurance to obtain the balance
... If you cancel from 31 December onwards, there is no refund. Please obtain refund from your travel insurance
... If you cancel, I will endeavour to sell your ticket for you, but no guarantees
... Reselling a ticket incurs a base amount of $2488 Cancellation Fee; and will depend upon availability at the time of cancellation; and may incur other fees as directed at time of cancellation to cover flight, motel, cruise-line and tour company policies
... Reselling tickets is a courtesy, not an entitlement
... If your ticket does not sell, there is no refund
... Refunds are directed to your bank account only
... Tickets may not be re-sold after 31 January, 2019
... Tickets may not be passed on to another person without prior approval
... If you resign or are removed from our meetup group, the above cancellation policy and Cancellation Fee still applies, even if the adventure is yet to run
... As with all our adventures, your host and the meetup organiser reserve the right to discontinue any unused part of your ticket, at any time (including prior to the adventure); including return transport, without providing reason or refund. In such instances, members are responsible for arranging their own return home and are liable for all associated costs including all hotel and transport costs. Attendees are responsible for their own behaviour




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