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Who Am I ? What is Scientology? (http://www.scientology.org.au/what-is-scientology/the-scientology-creeds-and-codes/the-aims-of-scientology.html) Watch our broadcast 24/7 on http://www.scientology.tv

It's in the news.

It's talked about on radio and TV.

It's growing at an incredible rate.
And it's got the answers.

For anyone who is curious, join this meetup and find out:

-How Scientology helps people in the here and now.
-What the State of Clear is and what it means to you.
-What Total Freedom means and how Scientologists achieve it.
-Why Scientologists know they have lived before.
-What the E-Meter is and how it works.
-Who L. Ron Hubbard is and why Scientologists consider him their best friend.
-Why Scientology is not only a religion, but a religion for people of all religions including as well those that are not religiously inclined.
-What kind of people are Scientologists?
-How Scientology began.
-What Scientology auditing is and the miracles it achieves.
-Who has been attacking Scientology and exactly why.

Have your questions answered, Get in touch!

Know Yourself, Know Life!

Tanja and Michel


There are two types of religion. The first is religious wisdom. The second is religious practise. The first is composed entirely of teachings; the second is composed of opinions and practices.

Scientology is wisdom of how to free and heal the human soul. Scientology masters various body ills and solves problems of the mind.

Scientology embraces that knowingness necessary to the resolutions of problems such as found in any human situation.

The subject of Scientology is YOU!

Watch Scientology network TV, broadcasting 24/7 https://www.scientology.tv/

The Church of Scientology is open 7 days each week. Monday to Friday 9am till 10pm. Saturday and Sunday 9am till 6pm. All people of goodwill are invited. You are welcome to visit us at any time best suited to you.


The Aims off Scientology (http://www.scientology.org.au/what-is-scientology/the-scientology-creeds-and-codes/the-aims-of-scientology.html)

A Civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights and where man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology.

Nonpolitical in nature, Scientology welcomes any individual of any creed, race or nation.

Upcoming events (5+)

Easter Family Fun Day

231-251 Mt Alexander Rd


Face Painting Jumping castle Easter Egg Hunt BBQ Easter Crafts Cooking activities RSVP to Doyeon Her on[masked] by Wednesday 17 April

Clear Body, Clear Mind. Effective Purification! - Free Meetup

Scientology Life Improvement Center

FREE YOURSELF FROM THE EFFECT OF DRUG AND TOXIC RESIDUES! Toxins are slowing people down and take away the energy you need to think clearly and function well. Informational Presentation: Effective Purification. Increase your Energy and Enthusiasm for Life. Think Clearly, Surge Your Vitality, Feel Great, Focus Better, Feel Brighter and more Alert, A calm and more positive attitude about yourself and others are all within your reach. With a toxin freed body you can do so much more with Life! The purpose of the Purification Program is very simply to clean out and purify one's system of all the accumulated impurities such as drugs and other toxic substances, such as food preservatives, insecticides, pesticides, radiation etc. By ridding your body from toxins you are ready to flourish and prosper with a clear mind and clear body at increased levels than before. Facts are that Drugs and Toxins remain in the body and will dull your awareness and the ability to handle our problems in life. ***** Clear Body Clear Mind presents a safe and effective program for total body detoxification/purification. Furthermore, Clear Body Clear Mind is based on good scientific principles. All of us are exposed on a daily basis to toxins either from chemicals that we put into our bodies or from toxic chemicals that our bodies produce due to daily stresses. Everyone should do the Clear Body Clear Mind method of detoxification. It sets the standard." —William E. Wheeler, Ph.D. ***** Clear Body Clear Mind is an all natural regimen designed to free one from the harmful effects of drugs and toxins thereby clearing the way to mental gain. Since 1980 millions of people of all walks of life have done the Purification Rundown and as a result report leading happier more perceptive and aware lives. It can do the same for YOU. You are welcome to Bring along a friend. Free Parking, Free Informational talk, Free Light Refreshments ** If you can not make this particular date and or time then contact the organizer to arrange for a new one. All people of goodwill are welcome.

Give Yourself the Knowledge of YOU! Free Personality Test!

Scientology Life Improvement Center

Give Yourself the Knowledge of YOU! At our meetup you can take the most accurate and reliable personality test and obtain your results immediately. The OCA Personality Test and complimentary results consultation are absolutely free with no obligation—it’s simply a great opportunity to learn more about you. Most of our lives we've been taught to believe that personality is a genetic trait that cannot be changed, and that you just have to "deal with it." This simply is not true. The fact is, you can change your personality and become a much better, happier version of yourself that faces and conquers the challenges of life with knowledge and ease—the real you. Find your problem areas and discover your level of happiness, self-confidence, stability and more. Find out how your personality determines your ability to handle relationships. Know your strengths and learn how to increase them so that you can achieve more out of life and reach higher states of existence. If you can't make this particular meetup date and time then contact the organizer and arrange for your own meetup time. Note that this Personality test can also be completed online http://www.scientology.org.au/who-am-i/?_from=home_click1 This free event is open to all people of Goodwill (http://www.scientology.org.au/who-am-i/?_from=home_click1) Scientology is all denominational. It’s a group composed of people who like you want to get more able in life and to live a better life. Its knowledge that can help anyone to resolve problems of life!

The True Story of Scientology

Scientology Life Improvement Center

The True Story of Scientology https://www.scientology.tv/series/l-ron-hubbard-library-presents/the-true-story-of-scientology.html Attend our meetup, ask your questions or watch some of the Scientology TV network programs. Scientology at Ascot Vale is open 7 days each week. 9am till 9pm Monday - Friday. 9am till 5pm Saturday and Sunday. All people of goodwill are welcome.

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Meet a Scientologist!: Phra, Buddhist Monk

Scientology Life Improvement Center

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