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SecTalks is a non-profit community that runs monthly sessions for technical security talks, and hands-on security challenges! A forum to learn & discuss technical (in)security stuff. We have a mix of sessions for both beginners and security professionals.

SecTalks has three formats (http://www.sectalks.org/formats/), Talk & long CTF, Talk & short CTF, and a Ninja Night.

New to CTF: check our CTF101 workshops (http://www.sectalks.org/ctf101/).

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Thanks to our Sponsors
- PwC Sydney ( https://pwc.com.au )
- elttam ( https://elttam.com.au ): an Australian specialised IT security firm that provides independent security consulting and training services.
- Tyro Payments ( https://tyro.com ): an Australian financial "fintech" institution specialising in merchant credit, debit and EFTPOS acquiring.
- Atlassian Sydney ( https://atlassian.com ): an Australian enterprise software company that develops products for software developers, project managers, and content management.

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SecTalks SYD Ninja Night NN0x02 (3rd)

Google Australia

# Ninja Night 0x02 *****RSVP Will Open 2 Days Before Event***** This is the third SecTalks Sydney Ninja night (CTF game). The previous game we had some pwn tasks for you to ROP at. This time we have pretty decent real-life crypto challenges. No classical Caesar, ROT, Vigenere etc. ciphers in this game, so brush up on RSA, DH-exchange, algebra around primes and the most fundamental theorems in number theory. ## Player Registration https://forms.gle/y5MRTuDW1utTG9E58 *****Important: You must fill in the Player Registration form BEFORE attending the event***** There is no presentation at a Ninja Night. This is a session where you show off your ninja skills. A typical evening goes like this, we rock up at the venue, write our name down, get randomly assigned to a team, CTF challenge is presented to all the teams, we start doing cool shit and have fun hacking. The objective is to solve the CTF in 60 minutes and the first team who solves the challenge will be a winner and will present their way through the challenge in the same session (or next session). ## Agenda A. Solutions to past CTF(s) 2. Team generation III. CTF challenges: There will be two CTF challenges, one for beginners and the other one is the usual challenge. ## Be prepared 1) Bring your laptop. B) Internet access may not be provided. You may want to bring your own wifi dongles or tether to your iPwns. F) Have a hypervisor software, e.g. VMWare player, Virtual box. It is necessary for running some CTF challenges and workshops. 4) Based on the number of participates for the CTF, the group may be divided into teams. PREPARE TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS. We will try to team up beginners with gurus. Those that want to go solo are still welcome to do so. five: This is a learning exercise for everyone. The idea is to think about problems, make friends and have fun. Don't treat it like a competition. If this is your first time participating in a CTF, check out SecTalks CTF 101 presentations https://www.sectalks.org/ctf101/ VI- The winner is the first team who solves the challenge. The winner will win the praise and admiration of fellow attendees. Gentle prods and hints will be offered during the session to move things along if people get stuck. The goal is to learn, not to beat your head against a wall for days on end. 7: Have fun. Learn. Mentor if you are able to. Participate, or just socialise. This is supposed to be a fun, learning event for the security and hacker community. 8. Doors are open from 6:00 pm and the presentation starts at 6:15 pm. Light refreshments are available at the venue. # Sponsors Almost all our sponsors have open InfoSec position that you can apply directly using the links below. Please let them know that you find the job through SecTalks. - Google Sydney (https://bit.ly/2IiKrCm) - elttam (https://bit.ly/2XYwxK9) - Atlassian Sydney (https://bit.ly/2Hk2qX1) - Amazon Information Security Sydney: Amazon currently has open security position in Sydney or Melbourne. See https://bit.ly/30f1xXv - ServiceNow (https://bit.ly/2uP0XRD)

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