What we're about

This group is run by SeedSpace Venture Capital

We get 3 tech startups to pitch on stage. If you're an investor and are looking to invest in tech Startups, this group is for you. The meetup group brings together investors and innovative startups with a global vision. Startups will be looking for seed investment between $100- $1.2m with investment parcels starting from as little as $25k.

If you are a Tech Startup and looking for Seed Money, we'll email you our 'Pitch Pack'; we do not charge Startups a pitch fee. Our focus is tech startups who are looking to scale globally.

If you're a startup looking for funding and want to be included in the first issue, please email us with the following info:

1. Your name & contacts details (email, mobile)

2. Company Name & website

3. What you do in 100 words

4. Stage: Seed, Pre-A

5. Amount raising

6. Pre-Money Valuation

There is no charge for this.

Your details will be sent to the Seed Money membership.

We are here for the startup community!

Note to all Members and Attendees: This common interest networking group does not endorse any start-up, or any investment, and is not recommending or suggesting an investment. There is a risk involved in all investing, and we strongly recommend that you seek professional financial and legal advice before making any investment. Investments in startups are for Sophisticated Investors.

Past Events

Seed Money Pitch Event - 12th March (External Registration)

NSW Parliament Gift Shop

Seed Money - 8th May

Tank Stream Labs

Seed Money Sydney - Wednesday 20th February 2019

Sydney Startup Hub

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