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FREE Chakra Meditations 7 Weeks all Live, Guided and ONLINE
Time to Restore your Energy, Get your Creative Mojo Back, Add Balance and Heal in your business and personal life. Join our FREE CHAKRA MEDITATIONS Guided and LIVE ONLINE. Join us on a free 7 part chakra meditation see how at the end. Mondays AEST 7pm (Sydney Australia Time) once a week Mondays next session 24th September live session 30 minutes via zoom Read Why! Say YES to join and receive the link. Restoring energy adding balance and healing can be achieved through a set of beautiful chakra meditations. The human body is made of and is surrounded by an energy field. This field is often referred to as the Aura. Within every persons energy field there are 7 distinct vibrational levels of energy and 7 major energy centre called chakras. The chakras run from the crown of the head to the base of the navel and service different parts of the body. What is a chakra? A chakra is an energetic wheel or vortex of energy found in the subtle body. The life force energy called “Prana”, circulates through 72,000 nadis ,that channel prana to every cell, our pathways of energy. There are 114 chakras although we focus on 7 high energy primary energy centres. The 7 main Chakras span from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Science has researched and even has images of these energy areas throughout the body. Everything is energy, this is a widely accepted theory in Quantum Physics and a scientifically proven fact. Experiments have shown how water, plants and food are affects by emotions, sounds and words. Everything connects via magnetic energy and is electrical energy. The energy is vital to life. When we think, breathe, function or even when we are resting, electrical energy is flowing through our bodies via our neurones and nerve pathways. Our lives are powered by an electric and invisible energy. If energy flow is imbalanced you may feel tired, stuck, sluggish, lack of willpower, depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, numb, low libido, an emotional wreck, grieving, unwell, foggy head, insomnia, overeating, headaches, dull, irritable, negative, stressed, want to run away, hide in a cave, exhausted, weak immune system, self destructive, procrastinate, dizziness, digestive issues, allergies, migraines, over sensitive, lost, isolated, angry, panicked, fear so much, agitated, hard to focus, easily distracted, antisocial, jealous, workaholic, lazy, overweight, no interest, no passion, lack intuition, worried, attracting toxic relationships, pessimistic, lack creativity, have writers block and so many more to mention that is blocked. These are all signs of energy blocks which can manifest in the body due to stress, fear, negative thinking and illness. Time to get your energy activated. Through our energy field we are also connected to the universal energy field. It is through this field that we are connected to everything. Blocks in our energetic pathways or chakras seem to be a part of modern life, so it is important to take time to clear these blocks so the energy can flow again. This energy system is responsible for making us feel vital and healthy, not just on a physical level but also on an emotional, mental and spiritual level as well. Every person’s energy field is unique and carries the blueprint of who they are. Every sensation, thought, emotion and intention that we have affects our energy field and in turn transmits an energetic message to the universal energy field. Everything is the universe is made of energy; from the planets, plants, animals, water, stones to human beings. Energy affects all of us, which is why it is a good idea to keep your personal energy field clean. Each chakra has specific physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and energetic characteristics. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and to clear any mental or emotional blocks that may be present. By stilling and calming your mind you create more space for energy to flow.

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The purpose of this a holistic approach to the mind, body and spirit Meetup group is to collaborate, encourage and to attract abundance, health, happiness, vitality and joy into our lives. To have fun and celebrate the fruits of our efforts and be part of a like-minded community.

This group is for like-minded people who are open to sharing and discussing the teachings of favourite such as Bruce Lipton, Abraham (Esther Hicks), Mike Dooley, Jack Canfield, Dr Neal Barnard, Dr Michael Gregor, Dr T Colin-Campbell and more.

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