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This is a group for anyone who identifies themselves as being an Empath or HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). Such souls (sensitive souls) are known to be highly gifted and are often described as those who feel deeply, are emotionally-inclined, highly creative and have senses sharply attuned to their environment. Due to feeling and absorbing so much information from their surroundings, Sensitive Souls can often find it difficult to navigate through this world, often getting weighed down by it (easily overwhelmed, over-stimulated and easily-drained). Therefore, the aim of this group is to connect like-minded/hearted souls, and together, learn about ourselves, heal ourselves and support each other on our growth journeys. I will run monthly Meetup groups where we will collectively engage in strengthening our self-care/self-love muscles. We will do so by learning to understand our 'Gift of Sensitivity' and how to use sacred knowledge and tools to protect, cleanse, embody and empower ourselves. I look forward to sharing our knowledge and gifts together. Much love, Paula xx

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