• Budget Like A Boss - Sydney
    Are your spending habits outta control? Do you cringe when you think about checking your bank account after the weekend? Do you feel like you have no saving even though you have been working for ages and have a good paying job..... Do you too struggle to walk past Zara or Priceline without popping in? You're so not alone, kick off the year with some new healthy money habits! Come along to budget like a boss where our experts will teach you how to: • Understand your money mindset • How to set financial goals (that you can actually stick too) • Manage your bills and other essential payments • Build your own realistic budget (realistic being the keyword) • Reduce your outgoings • Ninja money saving hints and tips plus more. Join us for this event at WeWork George's St! The night promises good company, a glass of prosecco ( cause c'mon why not), great snacks, and some fantastic learnings! Register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/budget-like-a-boss-sydney-tickets-50572095499

    WeWork 333 George St

    333 George Street Level 13 · Sydney